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If you are a hardcore Black Desert user who survived dangerous adventures, you are eligible to open this document.

In the future, you will also be able to fight even more powerful monsters or skilled adventurers, and you will be able to gain more abilities as well.

Everything is in the hands of the adventurer. Wish you good luck. 


Essential guide for advanced adventurers

◆ Make Your Skills More Powerful!

' Skill Awakening Ability' system allows you transforms your character's skills to become stronger.


' Skill Awakening Ability' can specialize in one skill at the level of 50, and at level 52 and 54 level, you can specialize other skills and you can apply it on 3 skills in total.

At levels 56 and 58, skills can be specialized in awakening weapons skills.



To experience skill awakening, go to "Skill Instructor" and press "Skill Awakening"



◆ Experience deeper and wider Black Desert World through guild system.

Guilds can be created from character level 1 and requires 100,000 silver.

Also, you can earn money through guild activities or experience large-scale contents such as occupation, etc.

You can register 'Guild Insignia' and let other adventurers to hear about your guild's reputation.



◆ Improve the equipment, the additional effect?

If you are not satisfied with the equipment you are wearing, you can make it more powerful through improvements.

You can summon the Black Spirit (Shortcut '/') and use it in the [Enhancement] menu.

Place the equipment item and the reform stone to improve.


When you make an improvement, the item name and grade changes, and the status increases as well.

However, please note that completion items (boss armor, weapons, etc.) cannot be improved.



Enjoy all the contents of

If you have passed level 50 or have gained a better understanding of the game, you can now enjoy all the contents now.

All the contents in are not difficult to start.

You can enjoy them one by one, and dive deep if you found something you like.



◆ How to be a cook

In the Black Desert, there is a dish that you can eat once every 30 minutes.

You can make the dish yourself, and as your level gets higher, you can make more kinds of dishes.

If you eat these dishes, you can get a buff such as obtaining higher ability, so it’ll be great help.




◆ How to be a Alchemist

Alchemy is similar to cooking and you can make Elixir, which has the highest instant effect, through alchemy.

It is a little more difficult than cooking, but you will be more satisfied when you leveled up.




◆ The Romance of the Sea! Grow as an angler!

In the Black Desert, if you have a fishing rod, you can go out to the sea or river at any time to fish.

It's easy to get started, but the more you know about it, the more you can enjoy the deeper content.




◆ Towards wealth! Becoming a trader

If you are tired of battle, life, and fishing, you might want to look into the trade.

Buying and selling trade items while watching the marketplace value will be a whole new experience.

As the trade level rises, you can buy and sell more valuable goods, and you will become wealthy and honored.




◆ If you just have hand cannons, you can be a hunter!

There are different kinds of hunting: There is no fighting against powerful monsters with your equipment, skills, and combat abilities,

but you can hunt large animals with a musket as a hunter.




◆ If you are tired of hunting monsters, have fun through PvP!

If you understand more about your own character, you will have fun participating in PVP with other adventurers.

You can officially join PvP through Arena, but it is also possible to conduct unilateral attacks on other adventurers.

However, if you do this, you will receive a penalty for the Karma.



◆ Field wars to occupy the territories, conquest and node war

Conquest and Node war are the essence of Guild War that happen every week.

Many adventurers become one and has a sport-like war to fulfill their guild's goals.

There is no doubt that it is the essence of guild contents and PvP contents as well.



If you win on conquest or node war, you can collect local taxes and distribute them to the guild members.

If you win the conquest and earn the territory, the guild master of the guild becomes the Lord.

In addition, the leader who occupies Calpheon, Mediah, Valencia can become a superior castle owner, even higher than the Lord.



* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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