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The materials that you obtain through Gathering and Processing can be used in your workshops/workbenches to craft new items.


There is a great variety of items you can craft: weapons, armor, reform stones, decorations, clothes, wagons, ships, and even trade items. So it is a good idea to learn how to craft.


There are two types of crafting.

General Crafting, which completes an item with a single work order.

Large Scale Crafting, which requires multiple work orders.


With General Crafting, you can craft gathering tools, equipment, and other similar items.

With Large Scale Crafting, you can craft ship licenses and wagon registrations.


▲ Crafting in Black Desert is different from any other game. You hire workers to craft. It might feel awkward at first, but it gets more interesting as you go along.






What you need to craft an item

You need three things to craft an item.



Materials are the basic elements needed to craft items. They can be obtained through gathering or processing.

If you want to know what materials are required to craft an item, press F2 on your keyboard in-game. It brings up the Crafting Notes where you can search for items and materials.


(If an item is not registered on the Crafting Notes, you can find what materials it needs at a workshop/workbench where you craft that item.)


▲ Crafting Notes (Hotkey F2), will tell you what materials you need and what you can craft.


Contribution Points

In order to craft items, you need crafting facilities such as workshops or workbenches.

To get facilities, you need Contribution Points.

You can earn Contribution Points by finishing quests (daily quests and others) as a reward.


▲ Contribution Points are used in almost every aspect of crafting.



Crafting in Black Desert is done not by your own character, but by sending a worker to a workshop or a workbench.

You can contract workers at through Work Supervisors in each town or city.



How to craft a ‘Lumbering Axe’, learning about General Crafting

In order to craft, you need to obtain materials. To obtain materials, you need gathering tools.

Basic gathering tools are sold by material vendors.

But you can make better tools with higher durability, allowing you to gather more.

Let’s learn about General Crafting by crafting a gathering tool, Lumbering Axe.



Purchasing a Tool Workshop.

You need a Tool Workshop in order to craft gathering tools.

First, left click on Velia in the world map.

Then, use the search tab on the right top corner of the screen to locate a Tool Workshop.


▲ A blue arrow will mark the locations of houses with the searched word.


When you left click on the house marked by the arrow, it will display a menu with the house’s information. Select the Tool Workshop option and then click Purchase: Tool Workshop.



To purchase a house, you need Contribution Points and silver.

(But, if you want to buy 3-2, you need to buy 3-1 first.)


The Contribution Points work as a deposit.

You can get the Contribution Points back, when you return the house.


▲ Don’t hold on to your Contribution Points too much. You can get them back later.


Preparing Materials

After changing the use of the house to a Tool Workshop, click on the Manage Crafting button to reveal a list of craftable items on the left.



▲ The items are displayed in grey because you do not have enough materials in your storage.


In order to make a Lumbering Axe you need 1 Ash Timber and 3 Copper Ingots.

As mentioned earlier, crafting in Black Desert is done by workers.

So you’ll need to keep the materials in the town/city storage of the workshop, and not in your inventory.



• Ash Timber : You can obtain Ash Timber by cutting down Ash trees around Velia with a Lumbering Axe.

• Copper Ore : You can obtain copper ore by mining copper at the Coastal Cave with a Pickaxe.

• Melted Copper Shard : You can get 1 Melted Copper Shard by heating 5 Copper Ores.

• Copper Ingot : You can get 1 Copper Ingot by heating 10 Melted Copper Shards.

(Processing results may vary depending on processing level)


Crafting materials can be obtained by Gathering and Crafting, but you can also buy them from the Marketplace.

If you have prepared all the materials, go to the storage keeper Ernill in Velia and place all the materials into your storage.


This guide will use workers in Velia, so we shall store materials in Velia Storage. If you want to use a worker from another town, you must keep the materials at that town’s storage.



Worker Contracts

Now that you have the workshop and the materials in place, you just need a worker to make the Lumbering Axe.

Let’s go to Santo Manzi the Work Supervisor of Velia and purchase a worker contract.

(You need 5 Energy to look for a worker, and you’ll need s small amount of silver to purchase a contract.)


If you don’t have enough space for workers, you can purchase a Worker Lodging. You can purchase them the same way you purchased the workshop. Once you have more lodging, you can contract with more workers.

▲ You can purchase worker contracts through the Work Supervisor NPC.

How to begin Crafting and receiving the final Product

When the workshop, materials and the worker are all prepared, you will be able to select a product to be made on the list of items

▲ Now that all the conditions are met to craft a Lumbering Axe, we can begin!


Crafting will begin once you set the how many times you want the worker to craft on the Estimated Work Time tab.

Click the ‘Change’ button to set a number and click confirm.

(The maximum number of times a worker can be set up to is 50,000. The Worker will automatically stop working when the work is finished or does not have enough Crafting Materials.)


The Crafting Materials in the Storage will disappear when the work begins. So be careful, because even if you cancel the work you cannot get back the materials.


When crafting finishes, you can get the completed product from the Town Storage.


▲ The new Lumbering Axe will be waiting in the town storage.




How to craft a 'Ship License: Raft ', learning about Large scale Crafting

Purchase a Shipyard

In order to craft a Ship License, you need a shipyard.

Just like the Tool Workshop, you can click Velia on the World Map, and use the search tab on the top right corner to locate a shipyard.

▲ The Shipyard is located on the second floor of 3-2, the same building as our Tool Workshop.



Preparing Materials

Large Scale Crafting requires a lot more materials than General Crafting. 

When you click on the Manage Crafting button to look at the materials, you will notice a difference in the menu.


In the Tool Workshop, the Manage Crafting screen shows a list of all the items that can be crafted in that workshop. In Large Scale Crafting, the list will show only one product at a time. So when you see the list for the first time, you may not find the item you are looking for. By clicking on the arrow on the top right side of the menu, you can flip to another item.

▲ Don’t want to craft Ship License: Rowboat? Click on the arrow at the top right corner of the menu to look for the Ship License: Raft.


▲ Now you can see the menu for crafting the Ship License: Raft.


When you look at the materials for the Ship License: Raft, it shows you need Logs and Black Stone Powders. The number on the right side of the material shows the amount of work that the worker have to do, and the 0/1 in the Detailed Work Information say you need 1 of that material.



So in order to make the Ship License: Raft you need 25 Logs and 3 Black Stone Powders, the total number of work orders is 28.


• Log : You can get this when you cut down trees with the lumbering axe, regardless of the type of tree.

• Black Stone Powder : You can make this through the refinery in Velia 3-1, or by grinding gems. (E.g. Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame – Precision)


Prepared materials can be used for crafting once you put them in storage at the same town of your workers.



Worker Contracts

You were only able to use one worker for General Crafting, but for Large Scale Crafting you need make a lot more work orders to complete crafting. So you can use multiple workers in Large Scale Crafting.


Go to the Work Supervisor of the town and hire more workers to finish crafting faster.

If you do not have enough space for workers, purchase more Workers Lodging to hire more workers.


If the worker has Large Scale Crafting related skills or has learned shipbuilding/carriage making related skill, they will work faster compared to other workers.



How to start crafting and getting the finished product

Now that you have a shipyard, materials, and workers ready, we can now start crafting Ship License: Raft.

Choose from the list of required tasks and the worker from the Detailed Work window.

After setting the number work orders, click the Start Work button to start crafting.


Be careful with starting a Large Scale Craft, because you cannot craft anything else until you finish. 


▲ Remember that you cannot craft other items while you are working on a large scale craft.


Just like General Crafting, in order to start Large Scale Crafting, it requires the materials to be in storage of the town the crafting is being done at.



There are some differences to General Crafting.

In General Crafting, you needed to have all the materials ready in order to start.

However in Large Scale Crafting, only one of the materials needs to be ready before starting.


For example, you need a total of 25 logs to finish Ship License: Raft, but a worker requires 1 log for 1 work order. So your worker can begin working even if you only have 1 log in your storage.


Since Large Scale Crafting requires a lot of materials, you can send other workers to work on producing more materials. You can save time by starting on the large scale craft first, and producing the materials needed at the same time.




▲ You need 25 logs to make the Ship License: Raft, but the worker can start to work even when you have only 1 log in your storage.


And if you cancel a Large Scale Crafting project after a certain point, you will not be able to get all the materials that have been used so far.



When you have finish all 28 work orders, you will be able to get your Ship License: Raft from the storage, the same way you got the Lumbering Axe.


You can craft so much more using similar processes. There are various items like equipment, clothing, and trade items.

Why don’t you also try to crafting your own items?

* The contents of the game guide may differ from what is available in the actual game, depending on updates and content changes

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