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  • 1 How to get Dyes
  • 2 Dye Palette System
  • 3 Applying the Dye
  • 4 Combing Dyes


How to get a Dye

You can get dyes from finishing Challenges and Quests. You can also buy them from the Pearl Shop.



Dye Palette System

You can access the Dye Palette System by clicking on the ‘Palette’ button in your Inventory (I).

The Dye Palette System allows you to register a new dye or take out a dye you have registered. It is useful for opening up space in your Pearl Inventory.


You can use the Dye Palette System to see all the dyes’ names, color like when it’s applied.

▲ You can access the Dye Palette system from your Inventory (I). Click on the Palette button to check, apply, and register your dyes.



Applying the Dye

You can change the color of your equipment anywhere, anytime if you have the dye in your Palette. This is how you apply the dye:

  1. Open the Dye menu using the hotkey (J).
  2. Select the item you want to dye.
  3. Select the part of the item you want to dye.
  4. Select the dye you want to apply and click ‘Dye’.


Your item may look different even if you use the same color. The texture of your items may change due to the origin of the dye.


You can dye all of your outfits, costumes, and equipment: helmet, armor, shoes, gloves, main weapon, sub-weapon, underwear, and a maximum of 3 outfit or costume accessories.


Each item has a different number of parts you can dye.


You’ll be able to see what you will look like with the dyes before applying them. If you want to change the color or the part, just click the [x] on the ‘Equipment Part Selection’ to cancel it.

When you are satisfied with the look, you can complete the process by pressing the ‘Dye’ button at the bottom.

▲ You can use the dye that you saved on the Palette to change the color!


▲ Even though these dyes have the same name, the texture is different due to the origin!  


Combing Dyes

By combining two dyes you can get an Unknown Dye Box. When you open the Unknown Dye Box, you’ll get a new random dye.

Press ESC and find the ‘Combine Dye’ button. You can see what color dyes you have in your Pearl Inventory and combine them.


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