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Quality of Life 2

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※ See all useful tips series. 

1. UseAuto-align Quick Slot to arrange more Quick Slots at once.
▲ Settings > General Settings > Activate Auto-Align Quick Slot in 'Quality of Life'.

▲ Use and arrange Auto-Align Quick Slot as many as you want in UI Settings. 
2. Utilize 3Dminimap to see far distant places. 
Click button located on the top left corner of the minimap to change into 3D minimap.

You can even see Cron Castle from Velian. 
3. Save many single items by using a mount.
▲ You cannot register more items. Mount weight exceeded. 
▲ Please move the items in the mount to your bag. 
▲ If you move all items back to the mount, you can store exceeded weight as well. 
You can move quickly if you move the items back riding a mount. 
4. It is convenient to take out the pets often used into groups.

① You can designate group number to the pets by clicking the “Out” buttons. 
② Click “Out” button to find all the pets with their designated group number at once. 

5. If you use contribution points to purchase a residence for storage use, you can expand storage space of the town. 
▲ Click a house for each city or town. 

▲ Select 'Storage' from Usage List and click purchase button by consuming contribution points.  
Also, you can upgrade the storage by the number of arrows from Usage List. Takes certain amount of silver and time. 

▲ (Left) Before Purchase, (Right) After storage purchase and upgrade to Level 3 
6. Lock the skills that you don’t want to use. Use X key to prevent Black Spirit’s Rage Transfer.
▲ A lock appears if you put the mouse cursor over the skill in Skill Window (Hotkey: K). Click and lock the skill. 
7. Use Old Moon Sky Balloon when you want to move around the city safely and comfortably.
Old Moon Sky Balloon is in Calpheon, Altinova, Valencian and Grána.
▲ Purchase a boarding ticket with 1 Black Stone from <Old Moon Sky Balloon Manager>.
▲ If you give the boarding ticket to <Sky Balloon Boarding Assistant>, the Sky Balloon will descend. 
Move around the city contemplating this marvelous sight by riding the Sky Balloon.

※ If you reconnect while riding the Old Moon Sky Balloon, the character can fall and die.
8. You can move your character to another village when you change character.
▲ Select your current character and click 'Transport' at the top of End Game Menu.
If you select destination and a new character, current character will start moving.

※ Character Transport takes some time. If you connect before designated time, transportation will be canceled, and you will go back to your original place.

※ Character Transport can only be used in cities, villages and Safe Zones. It cannot be used in some Safe Zones.
9. If you create a Trial Character, you can experience a Class that you haven’t chosen.

What is a Trial Character?
It is a system where you can create a character with Level 60 from the beginning. 

When entering the server after creating a character, you can play the character in a limited space and receive exclusive equipment that Trial Characters can wear and Skill Points. 

But you cannot enter Node/Conquest War Server. Play only in designated area.


▲ Create character after clicking ‘Premium’ tab at the top right of Character Selection.

▲ You can purchase several products from nearby NPC 'Vendor for Trial Characters<Hartz>'.
▲ Purchase equipment for premium server from ‘Vendor for Trial Characters <Hartz>’. Your sum of AP and DP with the gear equipped is about 620.
▲ Learn all skills with 4000 skill points.
▲ Try using skills on scarecrows or monsters placed in different places.
※ ‘Useful Tips’ is a guide that presents simple useful tips in order to make this adventure even more enjoyable.
Check out other tips on the link below!


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