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What are Cliff’s Weapons?

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What are Cliff’s Weapons?

Cliff’s weapons are available only to New and Returning Adventurers upon the completion of certain quests.

You can exchange them for pre-enhanced Cliff’s Weapons (up to +15 grade) for a certain amount of gold bars (depending on the enhancement level).


Who are New Adventurers?

New Adventurers are adventurers who have been playing for 30 days (720 hours) or less since creating a secondary password.


Who are Returning Adventurers?

Returning Adventurers are those who have not accessed the game nor used the Central Market for at least 30 days (720 hours).

How do I Obtain Cliff’s Weapons?

<Prerequisite Quests>

You can receive quests to obtain Cliff’s Weapons after completing “[Boss] Witch-Hunting” or “Looking for Adventurers” Main Quests in Calpheon.


<Quest Progression>

Upon the completion of the prerequisite quests, visit <Captain> Cliff of the Western Guard Camp to start the Cliff’s Weapons questline.

* Open the Quests (O key) window, click on the [New Quest] tab to find the “[New/Returning] Cliff’s Weapon Box” quest.

* You can accept one of the following quests appropriate to your character’s level once per Family from Captain Cliff of the Western Guard Camp.


Quest Name

Lv. 55 or below

Choose 1

[New/Returning] Mission to Mansha Forest

Lv. 56 or above

[New/Returning] Stop

Awakened Red Nose

Lv. 55 or below

Choose 1

[New/Returning] Mission to Lake Kaia

Lv. 56 or above

[New/Returning] Stop

Awakened Giath

Lv. 55 or below

Choose 1

[New/Returning] Mission to Hexe Sanctuary

Lv. 56 or above

[New/Returning] Stop

Awakened Bheg

* The type of quest you can accept varies depending on the level of your character, and you can only accept it once per family.

* For example, when you complete the “[New/Returning] Mission to Mansha Forest” quest, you cannot then start the “[New/Returning] Stop Awakened Red Nose” quest.

* Accepting the corresponding quest will earn you an <Awakened Boss> Summon Scroll needed for the Stop Awakened Boss quests. If you lose the scroll, you may get another one by forfeiting the quest and accepting it again.


<Quest Reward>

Upon completion of each quest, you can earn Contribution EXP as a basic reward and choose from one of three Cliff’s Weapon Boxes.

Reward Type

Reward Details

Basic Reward

Contribution EXP 50

Choose 1

Cliff’s Main Weapon (+15) Box

Cliff's Sub-Weapon (+15) Box

Cliff’s Awakening Weapon (+15) Box


▲ Cliff’s Weapon Boxes from Completing the Quest


 Cliff’s Weapons (+15) from Opening the Box

* Upon completing a quest, you can choose to obtain a box of the same or different weapon types

* Opening a box will grant you a weapon suitable to your class.

* You can equip your character with a Cliff’s Weapon/Sub-Weapon from Lv. 50 or above and can equip a Cliff’s Awakening Weapon from Lv. 56 or above.

* Shais cannot open the Cliff’s Awakening Box.


Bonus Rewards with Cliff’s Weapons


You can equip Cliff’s Weapons if you don’t already have a Main Weapon on you,

but you can also exchange them for Gold Bars with the Western Guard Camp’s Blacksmith, Miguel Aries.


Cliff’s Weapons by Enhancement Grade

Exchange NPC

Enhancement Grade



Miguel Aries


Gold Bar 100G x3


Gold Bar 1,000G x1 + Gold Bar 100G x5


Gold Bar 1,000G x3


Gold Bar 1,000G x7


Items and rewards exchangeable through the Western Guard Camp Blacksmith, Miguel Aries



▲ Locations of the Western Guard Camp’s Captain Cliff and Blacksmith Miguel Aries.

* The content of adventurer’s guide may differ from actual in-game content due to updates and changes.


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