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Season+ Guide for Beginners

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Season+ Guide Summary

1. You can freely move from server to server no matter which server you start on. However, in order to get the benefits of the season, please log-in to a Season Server.

2. Be sure to check “□ Create Season Character” before creating a character to enjoy the season!

3. You can refer to the Class Introduction or Adventurer’s Guide on our official website to select a class.

4. You can create a Family name when you reach Lv. 10. Your Family name is used with your characters’ names and is applied to all characters you create with your account.

5. If you are a new Adventurer in Black Desert, we recommend that you complete all the questlines up to the Mediah main questline.

(Please refer to the main text for more details)


1. What Is a Season?

A Season is a period in which you can create one "season" character (per Family) that will receive beneficial buffs to aid in that character's progression.

A character that has been leveled on the Season's server, can be converted to a normal character at the end of the season or through the early graduation program. This converted character maintains the same level and keeps all equipment gained from their time on the Season server.


▲ After growing rapidly throughout the season, you can graduate and continue your adventure beyond the Season server.



2. Server Selection & Character Creation

■ Server Selection

In Black Desert, you can freely switch between servers while playing, so you don’t really have to worry too much about which server you select.

However, if you have a season character, it is helpful in many ways to play in the Season server.

This is because there are many more benefits you can get than in a normal server such as the default EXP Increase, enhancement materials for season gear dropped by monsters, and more.


※ If you are a new Adventurer, use the Season-1 Server (New Adventurers only) where you can have a more pleasant PvE experience. The server provides a more emjoyable PvE experience than any other Season Server.

※ The Season – Arsha Server has a high Item Drop Rate of 50%, but PvP (Player vs Player) combat is allowed after you reach Lv. 50.


■ Class Selection – Understanding Succession and Awakening

Once you decide that you want to play on a Season server, you must choose which class to play through the season with.


In Black Desert, there are Succession and Awakening modes which decide the playstyle of your character once you reach Lv. 56. If you understand this system, you can select a class that more accurately matches your playstyle.


If you want to maintain the class’s original combat style, select Succession, and if you want a new combat style, select Awakening.

(Succession/Awakening is not fixed when you select it at L. 56. You can change it again at any time via Skill Reset)

e.g. - Ranger



Ranged combat style using a longbow

Melee combat style using a Kamasylven Sword


※ Shais and Archers respectively have Talent and Ascension instead of Succession/Awakening.


■ Character Creation

Once you select a class, you need to create a character name and go through the customization process to finish character creation.


Let’s take a look at a few of the useful functions that you can use on the character creation screen.


Category  Description 
① Horoscope  You can select your character’s horoscope. Each of the NPCs in-game also have horoscopes. You can gain Amity faster with NPCs that have the same horoscope as your character. (It doesn’t have a big effect in-game.) 
② Customization  You can customize your character’s appearance. You can use the sliders to adjust hairstyles, facial features, body shape, and more. Also, you can change your character’s voice.   
③ Character Action  You can see your character’s social actions and try on a few outfits.  
④ Weather  You can adjust the background color and brightness and observe your character from different angles.  
⑤ Beauty Album  You can look at the customized characters of other Adventurers and apply the appearances to your own character. If you are having a hard time customizing your character, use the Beauty Album.  

The real adventure in Black Desert begins when you hit enter and create your character’s name.


※ Be sure to check □ Create Season Character to create a season character.


■ Family Name Creation

In Black Desert, you can create many characters under a single account and since each of your characters has a different name, a common Family name is applied to all characters to let others know you're the same Adventurer when you switch characters.



You can create a Family name once you reach Lv. 10 or press Enter to open a chat window.

Please put some thought into your Family name since it will represent all of your characters!



3. Tips on Character Progression

■ Main Questlines Are the Key to Progression!

If you are a new Adventurer in Black Desert, we recommend that you complete all the questlines up to the Mediah main questline.

Not only can you get close to reaching Lv. 56, at which point you can accept and complete quests for Succession or Awakening, but you can also obtain many rewards to aid you in your Adventure.

For example, you can get a lot of Inventory Expansion Coupons to add more space to your Inventory as well as obtaining pets as loot dropped from monsters in PvE. Additionally, when you reach certain objectives, it opens up a wider variety of content that you can enjoy!


▲ The Mediah main questline ends with [Apocalyptic Prophecy]. Check it out by pressing the hotkey O.


Once you have completed all quests in the Mediah main questline, find a monster zone and defeat monsters until you reach Lv. 56.

(e.g. Desert Naga Temple, Bashim Base, Wandering Rogue Den, Helms Post, etc.)


Using the Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll that you can purchase from the Pearl Shop (F3) with Loyalties will be very helpful.

Once you have reached Lv. 56, the first thing you should do is summon the Black Spirit and accept the Awakening questline. After you complete the Awakening questline, you can continue with the Succession questline.


■ Progression After Succession/Awakening

If you aim for rapid progression, try to achieve the goal of reaching Lv. 61 and enhancing all pieces of your Tuvala gear to PEN (V)

(You are free to enjoy the variety of content in Black Desert including different quests or life skills if you want to take some time to really enjoy the game.)

You can reach Lv. 61 through PvE or solely complete quests, also known as the “Chenga Run”.


What Is a Chenga Run?

It’s a way to level faster than by defeating monsters from Lv. 59 to Lv. 61 by completing a certain pattern of quests.

First, you have to obtain the Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom by completing the quest, “[Lv. 53] The Adventurer's Tome Regarding the Legend of Chenga.” Then, you must accept different quests from NPCs located in Drieghan, Kamasylvia, Northwestern Calpheon, etc. and complete them.


■ For Better Gear

You must enhance your equipment to defeat enemies that get more and more powerful.

First, collect Naru gear and Beginner Black Stones used for enhancement. You can get them easily through the main questline.

Summon the Black Spirit (hotkey: ,) to enhance your gear if you have enough materials.


▲ You can enhance your Naru gear to PEN (V) without putting any thought

into it since all you have to do is repeatedly press the Enhance button.


If you enhanced your Naru gear to PEN (V), go to the NPC Fughar located in major cities and Exchange them for PRI (I) Tuvala gear.

Tuvala gear is exclusive to season characters and has much better stats than Naru gear.

Enhancing Tuvala gear to PEN (V) and laying the foundation for further progression is a good goal to aim for when playing through a Season.


▲ Exchange Naru weapons and defense gear for Tuvala gear. (However, you cannot Exchange accessories.)



4. Enjoying Season+ More Easily

■ Purchase a Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll!

You can purchase up to 53 scrolls that give you the “Combat & Skill EXP +530%” buff for an hour once per family with Loyalties from the Pearl Shop (hotkey: F3).

You can level up faster than normal if you use the +530% buff scroll in addition to the EXP Increase buff applied in a Season Server or the NEW Olvia (Growth Server).


▲ Purchase a Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll via Pearl Shop (F3) -> Black Spirit’s Pick -> Loyalties


■ Accomplish the objectives for the Season Pass.

Click the shining UI in the upper right of the screen to check out the Season-exclusive perks and the Season Pass.

If you accomplish the objectives for the Season Pass, you can obtain items to aid you in your progression.


▲ Progress and get rewards by completing the Season Pass objectives!


■ Collect materials from weekly season quests to enhance Tuvala gear.

As you start to really get into enhancing Tuvala gear after Succession/Awakening, you use up the materials needed for enhancement.

You can obtain Rift’s Echo by completing a weekly season quest, which allow you to select and obtain a large amount of one of the following rewards: Time-filled Black Stone, Refined Magical Black Stone, or Tuvala Ore.


▲ Proceed with a weekly season quest for a monster zone you mainly want to PvE in.

※ The weekly season quests reset every Thursday at midnight.

※ Join a “platoon” in the monster zone from the Find Party menu. You can complete the objective quicker this way.


■ Use Rift’s Echo with Your Party!

With Rift’s Echo, you can obtain Season-related items after summoning and defeating the monster at the designated spot (near Loggia Farm).

When using Rift’s Echo, it’s better to recruit party members or join a party and experience the content together.

It’s not only much easier to defeat the monster summoned with the Rift’s Echo together, but you can also obtain 5 times the reward when 5 party members use the Rift’s Echo in turn.

Please keep in mind that when each party member uses Rift’s Echo x1, it’s called a party with one and when each party member uses Rift’s Echo x2, it’s called a party with two!

※ Use the Find Party UI on a Season Server and look for Rift's Echo parties.


■ Complete quests to obtain items that increase your enhancement chance!

When enhancing your Tuvala gear when it is at DUO (II) or TRI (III), it is recommended that you increase your enhancement chance by using Advice of Valks.

You can obtain the Advice of Valks in a variety of ways including the Season Pass, Black Spirit’s Adventure, Challenges, Quests, and more. If you are playing during a Season, you can obtain a lot of Advice of Valks via the Tuvala gear enhancement quests that you can accept from the NPC, Fughar.


▲ Accept a quest with the [Enhancement] tag from Fughar.

Each of the quests requires you to equip a TRI (III) or TET (IV) enhanced Tuvala gear for each of the gear slots. You’ll get Advice of Valks (+40) when enhancing your gear up to TRI (III) and get Advice of Valks (+60) when enhancing your gear up to TET (IV).


■ Fughar’s Timepiece

You can use Fughar’s Timepiece to copy over your season character’s level and Skill EXP to another character.


▲ You can obtain Fughar’s Timepiece by accepting and completing [Season+] Fughar’s Special Timepiece from the NPC Fughar.


Tips on Using Fughar’s Timepiece!

- You can obtain Fughar’s Timepiece once per family by accepting and completing the “[Season] Fughar’s Special Timepiece” quest with a Lv. 25 or higher season character.  

- Fughar’s Timepiece can only be used by a Lv. 25 or higher season character that has unequipped all gear while on a normal server (rather than a Season Server). The recipient of the timepiece's effect must be a Lv. 25 or lower character in your Family.

- Upon using the item, the season character's seasonal status will be copied over to the chosen character. Also, the Combat/Skill EXP of the season character will be copied over to the chosen character. 

- Using Fughar’s Timepiece will move you to the Character Selection window, and you will get three exchange coupons for Tuvala main weapon, sub-weapon, and awakening weapon in your Inventory. You can exchange these coupons for three Tuvala weapons suitable for your class.

- We recommend that you use Fughar’s Timepiece after reaching Lv. 61 on your season character.


■ Sunset Maple Leaf

[Season] Sunset Maple Leaf is a reward you can obtain from playing during Season+.

Collect Sunset Maple Leaves and go to the NPC Pulvio to exchange them for a variety of items each costing a different amount of Sunset Maple Leaves.



The “3 Weapon Exchange Coupons” that you can exchange 50 Sunset Maple Leaves for are very special among the long list of items you can exchange your leaves for.

With the 3 Weapon Exchange Coupons, you can exchange your main weapon, awakening weapon, and sub-weapon for one of the each of the respective weapons types for a different class.

Weapon Exchange Coupons are often used when Adventurers want to change the main class. You can totally change your main class by exchanging weapons for ones that are suitable for your class since defense gear and accessories can be equipped by all characters in the Family.


■ Exchange your PEN (V) Tuvala gear for TET (IV) boss gear.

Although PEN (V) Tuvala gear is high quality, you cannot further enhance it.

For the continuous progression of our Adventurers, you can Exchange PEN (V) Tuvala gear for TET (IV) boss gear starting in Season+. You can also enhance boss gear up to PEN (V).  

Please check out the GM Notes and the image below for more details.



■ Other Tips for the Season

  1. 1. You can obtain a PEN (V) Tuvala Ring upon your season character reaching Lv. 60 from Challenges (Y) and a PEN (V) Tuvala earring upon your season character reaching Lv. 61.

    2. When you complete “The Sage of Velia” and “[Pet] Bareeds’ Junaid,” you can select the simplified main questline from the next Season onward.

    The simplified main questline gives you rewards when you level up instead of repeating the main quests.

    3. If you are a new Adventurer, join a guild. It can be very helpful.

    4. When you graduate from a Season, you can select the rewards you want to obtain. Selecting the PEN (V) Capotia Necklace would be the best choice if it’s your first time graduating from a Season.

    5. Please refer to the [Link] if you want to know what one of the Season Pass rewards, the “Old Moon Costume Coupon,” looks like.

    6. If you have your weapons and defense gear enhanced to PEN (V), exchange your Time-filled Black Stones for Tuvala Ores to upgrade your accessories.

    7. You can also sell your Time-filled Black Stones at a Shop if you have all parts of your Tuvala gear enhanced to PEN (V).

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