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Manor Furniture and Lighting (Indoor & Outdoor)

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These are objects that you can install both indoors and outdoors. Placed outside, they shine with radiance under the blazing midday sun. Placed indoors, the luxurious feel of the manor is only further magnified. 


◈ Indoor/Outdoor Objects 

Carpet of a Forgotten King 

Florchestra Music Stand 

Spirit's Echo Contrabass 

Shattered Star Partition 


Fairy's Abode of … (4 Types) 

Atanis Fireflies of … (4 Types) 



■ [Manor] Carpet of a Forgotten King 


A red carpet made from a now-extinct creature called a Keplan Horn Cocoon. The texture of the carpet is so soft that it feels like you are walking on clouds. 
※ Can be crafted at a level 5 Furniture Workshop with the following required materials (Takes 120 min) 

Required Materials



How to Obtain 

Cotton Yarn x150 

Select Heating from the Processing window with Cotton x5 or Node Production 

Flax Thread x150 

Select Heating from the Processing window with Flax x5, Node Production, Farming 

Silk Thread x150 

Select Heating from the Processing window with Cocoon x5, Node Prodcution 

Keplan Horned Cocoon Silk x1,000 

1. Purchase “Fertile Oil-Rich Soil” from Geranoa, the Material Vendor in Calpheon (5 million Silver) 
2. Complete the quest after finding a journal of someone in Keplan 
3. Obtain the Keplan Horn Cocoon from completing the quest and go to Merv in Calpheon to get silk from it 

Silk Honey Grass x150 

Gathering with bare hands or a hoe to obtain Wild Herbs or Node Production

■ [Manor] Florchestra Music Stand

A music stand made of wood from a tree hit by lighting that has the Florchestra's Music Textbook from Artina's teacher placed on it. The textbook has faded over time, but no great musician could resist trying to get one. 
※ Arrange and combine the following materials vertically in your Inventory 
※ Can also be purchased from Benns Ruberen in Grándiha with 20 million Silver  

Required Materials



How to Obtain 

Florchestra's Music Textbook x1 

Complete the [Manor] [Daily] The Marvelous Musician quest 
(Starting NPC: Artina, the Wandering Musician) 

Thunderstruck Wooden Music Stand x1 

Complete the [Manor] [Daily] For Future Musicians quest 
(Starting NPC: Chief Valentine in Florin)

■ [Manor] Spirit's Echo Contrabass


A contrabass found in the rubble left by the Thousand Year War between the Papus and Otters. It isn't making a sound right now, but the Papu soldiers claim to have heard the sound of a spirit dwelling within it. 
※ Arrange and combine the following required materials vertically in your Inventory 
※ Can also be purchased from Benns Ruberen in Grándiha with 30 million Silver 

Required Materials



How to Obtain 

Spirit's Echo x1 

1. Complete the [Manor] [Daily] Spirit's Echo - Rainbow Fish Bone Coin quest 
2. Complete the [Manor] [Daily] Spirit's Echo - Rainbow Petal Coin quest 
(Starting NPC: Benns Lamute in Papua Crinea Island) 

Lamute Handmade Stand x1 

Complete the [Manor] [Daily] Lamute Gang's Handmade Stand quest 
(Starting NPC: Benns Ruberen in Grándiha)

■ [Manor] Shattered Star Partition 

A Shattered Star Partition that 
Pavino Greko, the storage keeper in Epheria, kept in his 23rd storage. Its color will never fade as it is decorated with real star fragments from the star that crashed in Star's End.
 Complete the [Manor] [Daily] Shattered Star Partition quest 
(Complete Pavino Greko’s Log II and accept from Pavino Greko in Port Epheria) 
 Can also be purchased from Gustuk in Port Epheria with 2 million Silver 

■ [Manor] Fireflies

A group of fireflies giving off a gentle light. The light from these fireflies looks even more mesmerizing at night and adds a nice touch to the manor.

■ [Manor] Fairy's Abode of (Sunlight, Nature's Light, MoongladeFlame's Light)

A Fairy’s Abode where fairies that adore lights congregate. They are known to return to the abode after getting tired from playing. 
 Select and complete one of the four [Manor] Fairy Queen Theiah's Request quests 
(Starting NPC: Fairy Queen Theiah) 

 [Manor] Atanis Fireflies of (Sunlight, Nature's Light, Moonglade, Flame's Light)

Groups of fireflies that hatched when Gods appeared at the Atanis Pond.  
They each are the traces of the Narc God, Tunta God, Okiara, and Valtarra.  
※ Complete one of the four [Manor] Legend of Atanis Pond quests 
(Starting NPC: Maery at the Atanis Pond) 

 * The contents of this guide might differ from the actual in-game content due to updates and changes.

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