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Season Server & Characters

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- Season servers are special servers designed to help Adventurers progress faster for a set period.

- Only season characters can enter the season servers. You can create a season character by selecting the “Season Character” box at the Character Creation screen.

- Season servers have Tuvala gear, Season Pass rewards, EXP buffs and other various benefits.

- Season characters can be converted to normal characters by graduating early or automatically graduating at the end of the season period.

Season Servers?

The “Season Server” was designed to make it easier for rookie Adventurers to start Black Desert and progress through the world.

You can create a season character and enter the season servers during the season period.

However, season characters can choose to enter the normal servers as well. Season character will be converted to normal characters when they either “graduate” or the season period ends and have the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the content available in Black Desert.


▲ Season characters can enter the season servers.


When season servers are active, the “Create Season Character” menu will appear. Select the button and pick any class you want to create a season character of that class.


You can only create one season character during each season server period. However, you can use “Fughar's Timepiece” later on to convert a normal character to a season character.


Please refer to the guide linked below for more details.


Season Character Transferal (Fughar's Timepiece) ▶


Season Server & Character Benefits

Season characters can get the following benefits by playing on the season servers.


1. Season Character Level-up Challenge Rewards

Each time a season character reaches a certain level, they can collect rewards from Challenges (Y).

The rewards may vary slightly each season. For details, please refer to the event notice.

2021 [Winter Season] Level Up Challenges Notice



  1. 2. EXP Bonus

The seasons servers have permanently active EXP buffs that will help your season character level up faster than normal.

These buffs are constantly in effect and are even stronger on the weekends.

Days & Times 



(Monday 02:00 to Friday 16:00) 

Combat EXP 150% 

Skill EXP 50% 

Peak Time 

(Friday 16:00 to Monday 02:00) 

Combat EXP 250% 

Skill EXP 50% 



  1. 3. Season Pass

You can complete the Season Pass on the season servers.

The Season Pass helps serve as a guide for what your season character should be doing next on the season servers.

※ Season Pass objectives and rewards may vary depending on the season.



Please refer to the following guide for more details.


Season Progression Basics ▶



  1. 4. Tuvala Gear

  3. You can obtain exceptional gear known as ”Tuvala gear” from the season servers.


    Tuvala gear is exclusive to season servers and boast exceptional stats to greatly aid new Adventurers in adjusting to the world of Black Desert.


    You can equip Tuvala gear even after a season ends as well as exchange them for relevant boss gear pieces (ex. PEN (V) Tuvala gear for TET (IV) boss gear).


    Please refer to the following guide for more details on season server gear.


Season Gear Guide ▶



  1. 5. Season Server-exclusive Materials



You can obtain Tuvala gear and relevant enhancing materials exclusive to season servers.


You can exchange these materials for Tuvala gear, use them to enhance pieces of Tuvala gear currently in your possession, or sell them to a vendor for a decent amount of Silver.


Season Gear Guide ▶



  1. 6. Season Server Graduation Gift



Once you meet the conditions to graduate from the season server, you will be able to obtain special gifts that will greatly aid you in adjusting to the normal servers.


Please refer to the following guide for more details on early graduation, gifts, and more.


Season Graduation ▶

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