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NPC Shops

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Black Desert NPC is special.

At night, some NPCs get off their work, which makes you confused and some appear at night only to sell rare and unique items.


You can raise amity by exchanging stories and decrease amity by stealing.

If the amity is high, not only the NPCs' comments become different, but it gives a new quest or knowledge, and a merchant NPC sells a better item.


In the Black Desert world, the relationship with NPCs where diversity and options exist gives you a different experience that you have not experienced elsewhere.

Tax rates do not apply to the items purchased through NPC stores.


▲ If you have knowledge of NPC, you can check the location and commuting time.




NPC Shop Features

• Purchase: buy items.

Items can be purchased by selecting the item and clicking the button 'Purchase' or by right-clicking the item.

Items that can be overlapped can be purchased by clicking the button of 'Buy Multiple' after entering the quantity.


• Sell: When you click the button 'Sell' after selecting an item, you can sell the item one by one.

Select multiple items and click the button 'Sell all selected items' to sell all of them.

You can also right-click the items in a sale window or inventory to sell them.

Merchant NPCs do not buy all items from a character; you cannot sell to them the Bound Items, Trade Items, and items of expired date.


• Repurchase: After you select an item, press the button 'Repurchase' or right-click the item to buy the item you have already sold.

However, it can be more expensive than you sold.




Shop Types

• General Goods Vendor: Sells various potions.


• Arms Dealer: Sells a variety of weapons.

Along with this, this NPC provides General repair service; where you can repair the current durability of the items you are wearing so that you can keep on using them and it provides Maximum durability repair service; where you can restore the maximum durability decreased due to enhancement failure. Also, you can repair the equipment used for mounts such as a horse or a ship etc.

• Armor Vendor: Sells armor items. This NPC provides repair and extraction services. Extraction is the function to get black stones from the items that have been enhanced or to get Valks' Cry by disassembling pearl costumes.


• Food Vender: Sells a variety of seasonings and ingredients for cooking.


• Work Supervisor: You can hire a worker through consuming your energy. If you do not have the energy, you can buy and sell workers at the Worker Exchange with silver coins.


• Material Vendor: Sells items necessary for production activity.


• Stable Keeper: Sells various items necessary for a mount. You can also check in your land mounts such as horses, wagon, and etc.


Luxury Vendor: Sells the clothes useful for production activity.


• Furniture Dealer: Sells Installable Objects that can be placed in your house.


• Jewelry Vendor: Sells Magical Crystal that can be used for equipment items through transfusion.


• Fish Vendor:  Sells fishing related items.


• Seed Vendor: Sells seeds you can plant in your garden.


• Knowledge Vendor: This NPC sells knowledge you can purchase and obtain upon making payment.


• Wandering Merchant: This merchant wanders around and does not stay in one place, mainly selling potions.


• Black Market Merchant: It is a special merchant available only at night. The selling price is not constant, and you do not know which item they will sell, but they sometimes sell rare and unique items. We encourage you to visit this merchant when all of your energy is recovered.


▲ If all the energy is restored, please visit a Black Market Merchant appearing only at night. You may have a chance to buy items that you cannot easily see!





If you look at the list of items sold by merchants, you may occasionally see the part where amity is indicated as a requirement. Meaning that you cannot make purchases unless you raise amity up to the required level.


Items that require amity are difficult to obtain, and there are benefits of obtaining better items at a lower price.


However, once you purchase the item, your amity with the NPC will be consumed. So you need to remember that you will have to increase your amity with the NPC through means of exchanging stories etc if you want to purchase more of the items.



* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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