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Arena of Solare

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Arena of Solare Ranked Mode Timetable



The Arena of Solare is 3 vs 3 match-type PvP content that you can enjoy without having to worry about differences in gear specs.
You can compete in Ranked or Practice matches.


Ranked Mode

In Ranked Mode, your overall score for ranking placement will increase on wins and decrease on losses.

During your fights, you will earn “Seals of Solare" which can be used to unlock new gear, crystals and other items available in Arena of Solare.


Ranked Matches can only be entered within specific timeframes.
* In Ranked mode, a team composed of three characters of the same class is not possible.


Ranked Mode Timetable

- Weekdays (Mon, Wed, Fri) 18:00 – 1:00

- Weekends (Sat, Sun) 14:00 - 01:00

- Rank Tally Period: Every day at 2:00


Practice Mode

For those wishing to just practice their skills, Practice Mode is the Arena of Solare without the added pressure of ranking points. Although you will not gain “Seals of Solare” for a win in Practice Mode, you also will not lose anything in case your team cannot overcome the odds.

During practice mode, you will also be able to see your opponent’s defense options (Super Armor, Forward guard etc.) displayed above their heads. You can also now create parties of 2 or 3 Adventurers and jump into the action of Arena of Solare together during practice mode.

* In practice mode, a team composed of three of the same class is possible.


Practice Mode Party Matching

- You can start a practice match with up to 3 people in a party.
- All party members must be on the same server in order for the party leader to start the matchmaking process.
- During the matchmaking process, you cannot invite other party members, change the party leader, or leave the party. Also the matchmaking will be canceled in the event that one party member switches servers, switches characters, or disconnects from the game.



How to Participate

You can participate in the Arena of Solare from Lv. 60 with a character that has completed their Succession/Awakening questline. 

Both season and non-season characters can participate.

You can use the Arena of Solare menu by going to Menu (ESC) -> War (F7).

As mentioned above, Ranked Mode is only available during certain times, while Practice Mode is available outside of these times.

◈ Arena of Solare Exclusive Gear 

You must first set your exclusive gear loadout to enter the Arena of Solare.  

You can select the gear you want to equip by pressing the [Set Gear] button on the Arena of Solare menu.


In addition to equipping exclusive gear, you can also select crystals you want to slot into your gear. 


Early on, you have access to basic gear and crystals. You can later use "Seals of Solare" that you get once a match ends to unlock a variety of other gear and crystals. 


Press [Find Match] on the Arena of Solare menu with your arena-exclusive gear loadout set to begin auto-matching. 

You will automatically enter the battlefield if all 6 participants accept once matching is complete.

Arena of Solare Rules

In the Arena of Solare, will you not only be provided with equalized gear, but you will be restricted from use potions, meals, elixirs, etc. Your character’s recovery effects, AP, DP, Accuracy, Evasion stats will each be applied according to a set ratio. 

The following set of rules will additionally be applied in the Arena of Solare. 


● The team with the best 3 out of 5 rounds will win. Each round will last for a maximum of 3 minutes.
- At the end of the match, the party with the highest total HP amongst the surviving players wins.
- If the total HP is the same, the party with the higher total damage wins.
- If total HP and damage are the same, the match will conclude in a tie.

● You cannot use any type of potions, meals, elixirs etc., and certain skills will be adjusted.

● All potions are restricted. However, your character's default HP/MP/WP/SP recovery will be greatly increased.
- The amount naturally recovered will be comparable to using Ornette's or Odore's Spirit Essences with a Fairy that has acquired the skill, "Miraculous Cheer V".

● HP recovery skills will recover only 50% of the amount normally recovered.
● The Guard Guage will be equalized across all classes.
● All players' AP, Damage Reduction, Accuracy, and Evasion stats will be halved.
● Any active meal, elixir, and perfume effects will be nullified, and their remaining time paused when entering the Arena of Solare. The effects and remaining time will resume upon returning to your original location after the match ends.
● While in the arena, max HP will increase by 2000, and Critical Hit Rate, and Attack, Casting, and Moving Speeds will be set to level 5.

● Upon entering the arena, Black Spirit's Rage, HP, MP, SP, WP, cooldown, and other functions will be completely recovered.
● The cooldown for Emergency Escape will reset each round.

● Only “elemental trace” buffs exclusive to the Arena of Solare will be applied for skills, exclusive gear, and the battlefield.

● Effects from your Family's Adventure Log stats will not be applied.


Arena of Solare consists of Dalbeol Village Maehwa Road, Dokkebi Cave, Donghae Office (Lee Duksoo’s Residence), and Gowun Plateau Reed Field. 

Using Find Match will place you in random battlefields.

Dalbeol Village Maehwa Road
A battlefield with Maehwa flowers flutter, and Flora’s Breath appears in various places on the field at certain times.




◈ Dokkebi Cave

  A foggy and quiet battlefield where Water’s Chill appears in the center of the field at certain times.


◈ Donghae Office (Lee Duksoo’s Residence)

  A night battlefield where various plays are possible using the terrain, and Fire’s Warmth appears in the center of the field at certain times.


◈ Gowun Plateau Reed Field

  A battlefield of the lush reeds where Wind’s Song appears in various places on the field at certain times.



◆ Elemental Traces
(Flora’s Breath / Water’s Chill / Fire’s Warmth / Wind’s Song)

They spawn in places within the arenas. Upon destroying them, you can obtain buffs from each of the elements.
You and party members nearby can receive the effects of these elemental buffs (excluding Wind’s Song).

- Flora’s Breath: Recovers HP. 

Water’s Chill: Increases All DP for 20 seconds. 

- Fire’s Warmth: Increases all AP by 150 for 20 seconds. (+75 when equalized 50%)
- Wind’s Song: Increases Attack/Casting/Movement Speed by 25% for 30 seconds. However, you cannot share the buff with your party.


[TIP] Elemental trace buffs obtained on the battlefield will be displayed as an icon above your character’s head. 



Placement Matching / Match Points and Emblems of Solare

Placement Matching

Upon starting Ranked Mode, you will enter the "placement matching" process.
The starting score for placement matches will be allotted based on your final score at the end of the previous season. If you did not participate in the previous season, your starting score will be 700.

A total of 10 placement matches will be played per family. If you win, you will receive four times more victory points than usual.

Points will not be deducted upon losing during placement matches. However, the penalty for deserting a match will be the same.

Match Points and Emblems of Solare
Points will be awarded or deducted according to the results of the match, and you will be awarded an Emblem of Solare based on your point bracket.

You can earn more points the longer you maintain a winning streak.

For Adventurers that reach the higher ranks, they will be deducted points depending on their rank if they do not participate in matches for a set period of time. 

- Solare Incarnate V: If you do not participate in matches for 5 days, you will lose 30 points for each day afterward. 

- Radiant Spear IV: If you do not participate in matches for 7 days, you will lose 20 points for every 3 days afterward. 

- Dawn Spear III: If you do not participate in matches for 14 days, you will lose 15 points for every 7 days afterward.
- Example: If you played your final match on January 1 after achieving Solar Incarnate [V], points will be deducted 5 days later (following January 2-6) on January 7th.

Deserter Penalty

If you leave a match before it has ended, you will need to use the reconnect window to return to the battlefield until the match ends. 


Penalty points are accrued depending on the circumstances behind you leaving a match. 


- If you don't re-enter the match: deserter penalty gained 

- Re-entered the match but lost: loss points gained 

- Re-entered the match and won: victory points gained 



- Deserter Penalty 1: Additional point loss after match ends  

- Deserter Penalty 2: Additional cooldown before matching for the next match

Arena of Solare Rankings/Records

The Arena of Solare’s rankings and records menu allows you to view detailed information of other Adventurers.

You can click the magnifying glass icon to view information on other Adventurers such as whether they play Awakening or Succession, their Skill Add-ons, and their current gear setup.

You can also view the top 20 ranked Adventurers by class by selecting "Class" in the top right corner of the ranking UI.

※ For more information on knockdown, down smash, super armor, and other offensive effects, check out PvP section of the Adventurer’s Guide.

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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

1 Run Launcher to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.