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The World Map of is, unlike other games, represented in 3D.

You might feel strange and frightened when you open the world map for the first time, but once you start to understand the features of it, you will feel that there is no world map that is more comfortable than this.


Moreover, the World Map has a wide variety of features.

To use them, you will open the World Map more often as you get more indulged into the game play.

As you enjoy this way of play, it will make you feel like you are enjoying a simulation game with World Map alone.


[How to Open World Map]

To open World Map, you need to be level 15 or up or have completed the tutorial in the beginning of the adventure.

Only after these conditions were met, press short cut key ‘M’, or press ESC to find the menu.

▲ Press [ESC] and click on the World Map icon in the center or press short cut key M to open World Map




World Map Information

When you open World Map, you will be welcomed by various icons as well as the vast continent of

The icons mostly have features. Let’s first get to know the icons.





Central Village

It is the central city where Trade, Warehouse, House, Transport, Character Transport Facility are available. (e.g. Velia, Heidel, Calpheon etc.)

Central Town can be used as base node upon discovery and there are Chief or lord-grade main NPC who shows you Lordship Menu.


It is a general town. Some services are not available (e.g. there is no warehouse, etc), but most merchant NPCs can be found, in other words, most features of a town are available.


Trade, House, Production Node are available.


It is a Borderline Area where you do not know when the danger will come. Trade facilities are available at large camps and night raids are ongoing. Occasionally there is NPC such as General Goods Vendor.

Danger Zone

It is a dangerous area surrounded by monsters, occasionally you can use the affiliated Production Node.


It is the place where the Node Manager is alone or an object is there as a replacement for the manager.


This icon indicates where the shipment I sent is located now. The location is updated in real time

Party member

When you are involved in a party, the location of myself and party members are indicated with this icon. As party members move, the location is updated in real time


This icon indicates the location where the bandits appear. Bandits appear only when I have trade goods in my inventory or I travel with a mount loaded with trade goods.

My Mount

This icon indicates where My Mount(Horse, Camel) is located now

My Ship

This icon indicates where My Ship (Raft, Rowboat, Fishing boat) is located now.


This icon indicates the location where I and my guild mates died


The icons represent each type of knowledge. The icons are represented in gray before you acquire the corresponding knowledge, but it changes to green after you acquire it.

NPC knowledge icon means the location and class of NPC, Monster/Fish icons indicate where they will appear. You can easily understand the game if you pay attention to these small icons.


The icons introduced in the above table are the most basic icons, and there are more variety of icons.

Once you get familiar with the above icons, other icons will be easily understandable.


One thing to know is that the above icons are all right-clickable.

If you right-click the icon, the route guidance will be activated and you can go to that location easily.


Also, other than icons, in the center of World Map, there is a compass, weather, and time information.

You can see a circle drawn around the position where I stand on the world map. The position of the sun and the moon changes across the circle and is updated in real time.


Next to the sun and the moon, the in-game time is shown as well.

In the Black Desert world, the sun and the moon rise in the northwest and move to the southeast.


Also, you can find the raining areas easily because of the raining effect shown on the World Map.


▲ 9:16 am. Immediately after the sunrise


▲ 4:46 am. Just before the moon goes down


▲ The heavy rain in the middle of the sea. If you go there, rain is actually pouring.


You can see a circle drawn around the position where I stand on the world map. Along the circle, the white translucent arrows are marked. Place your mouse on the arrows to check the name of a central village or a town.


The arrow marked on the smallest circle represents a town near where the character stands, and the arrow in the second largest circle represents the direction of a town of a certain distance away.

Note that this feature only displays the towns you have already found.


▲ Place your mouse on a white translucent arrow to know the direction to a town.




World Map Menu

Top Left Menu


• World Map: depending on node type, you can view the regions by type, through ‘find the node name’, you can search for the node that you want to view.

If you use ‘Search Crafted Item’, you can view the list of all houses that craft the items you want.


You can search a node that is occupied with a certain guild

If you search the guild name, the nodes occupied by the certain guild will be shown on the node list.


• Node list: the search result you requested in the World Map will be shown in here as a list.

Upon clicking the search result, the World Map automatically moves to the corresponding region.


• Contribution point: this will show you the maximum contribution points and available contribution points



Top Right Menu

Through 16 menus on the top right of World Map, you can check various information useful in the Black Desert.

Select one of the 8 menus above the menu to view one of various information: ranging from a character location, node name to temperature or humidity information essential for farming, Combat Zone where a node war is in progress etc.


Below 8 menus of information can be turned on and off by you adventurers’ choice, you can turn on and off the areas where you can receive quests or acquire knowledge, or the appearing information of the bandits who raid the transportation etc..


• General Information: displays Exploration Node, quest information.

• Territory Resource Information: displays Farms, Fish resources, public opinions in bar graphs

• Groundwater Information: displays the range of water deposits in the ground. The raining area has increased range of water deposits.

• Temperature Information: displays the temperature difference between regions. Temperature, along with groundwater, affects crop growth.

• Humidity information: displays the humidity of each region. If the temperature and humidity reach the level of certain conditions, it rains.

• Custom: You can choose any filter you need.

• Node War Information: displays the node occupation status of the regions where node war is available.

• Production Node Information: allows you to check nodes by region and production node type.


• Knowledge: displays geography information and the NPCs from whom you can obtain knowledge.

• Fishing/Gathering Knowledge: displays information about fish species and gathering subjects.

• Node: displays information about the node location and connected nodes

• Transportation: you can turn on and off the location of the transportation such as wagon and ship etc on the World Map.

• Direction Information: displays direction and time information based on your location.

• Location Icon: displays the location of the summoned creature and fence etc in icons.

• Trade: displays trade icon on the World Map, if you click the icon, You can check Quotation Board or imperial delivery list.


Bottom Right Menu

Among the Bottom Right Menus of World Map, stable and warehouse menu can be activated only if a certain town is selected.

• Stable: You can view the mounts checked in the selected town.

• Warehouse: You can check the warehouses of the selected town.

• Quest: You can turn on and off the quest widget on the World Map.

• Transport: You can check the delivery status to a warehouse.

• Marketplace: you can check the Marketplace for the list of the items on sale or the market price etc. However, in order to register items or make a purchase, you need to visit the marketplace in person.

• Worker list: If you click worker list on the World Map, all workers are shown. If you select a town and click the worker list, all workers hired in the selected town are shown.

• Guide Video: You can get help from guide videos.

• Exit: Close the World Map window.




World Map Features

• Navigation

If you right-click an icon or a node etc on the World Map, the route to the point you selected will appear.

With the route activated, press Auto Run (T) to make your character automatically move until it arrives at the destination.

If you want to cancel the navigation, right-click again on the World Map.



▲ If you right-click the point you want on the World Map, a light pillar appears on the target point, and a route to the point appears.


• Invest in a node and make connections

You can activate/deactivate each node shown on the World map by investing/retrieving contribution points.

For more details about this contents, please refer to Node category



• Transport

Click a town node, select the warehouse menu at the bottom right, you can view the warehouses of the town.

Click 'Transport' button at the bottom left of the warehouse to send the items stored in the warehouse to another town.

For more details about this contents, please refer to Warehouse category


• Purchase a house

If you click the node icon of the town you discovered and of the farm you invested contribution points, it gets magnified and you can use the features inside the node.

There are three types of house icon: a blue house is available for immediate purchase, a gray house requires you to purchase the house of preceding address, a white house with an icon on the right means that you have already purchased the house.

You need to consume contribution points to purchase a house and at any time you can sell the house to take back the contribution points.

For more details about this contents, please refer to the House category and more.


• Crafting

Except for the houses with special purposes (residence, warehouse, worker lodging, ranch etc), you can send workers to proceed with crafting.

You can see the list of items available for crafting by clicking the button ' Manage Crafting ' at the bottom left of the window that shows the house purposes.

If the materials and workers are ready, you can craft an item right away, and when you craft an item, you use the materials stored in the warehouse. And the crafted items are stored in the warehouse too.

For more details about this contents, please refer to the Crafting category.


• Manage Production/Worker

If you have a production node that you made investment, you can send workers to make production then the produce will be stored in the town warehouse.

Workers consume Worker Stamina every time they work. A worker who is exhausted of Worker Stamina can no longer work, so you must fire the worker or restore Worker Stamina.

For more details about this contents, please refer to the Worker and Manage Work category.



* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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