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Starting Land of the Morning Light

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• The Land of the Morning Light main questline is composed of 8 tales, each with its own story.
• Adventurers can choose which stories to proceed with, regardless of the predetermined order. To ensure a more natural narrative flow, you cannot select another story until the selected story is completed.
• Upon completing the first Collection of Tales, composed of eight tales, the second Collection of Tales will follow.
• The second series of tales, composed of 5 tales, proceeds differently from the first, as they will be presented in sequential order. The second series will begin automatically upon completing the first.


The main questline of the Land of the Morning Light (LoML) consists of a total of 15 parts. Most of it, called the Collection of Tales, can be accessed from the main menu (hotkey: Esc) → Adventure (F5) → Collection of Tales.


After completing the first two parts, in which you’ll go from Velia to the Land of the Morning Light, then to The Magnus, and back to the Land of the Morning Light, your adventure in the Land of the Morning begins in earnest. You can check the story in the collection after completing each tale, which can be done in the order you prefer.
In addition, after completing these 8 tales, you will be able to proceed with 5 additional tales.


Please note that once you’ve started one of the first 8 tales, you won’t be able to select a different one until the chosen one has been completed.


“I want to start another main quest in the Land of Morning Light, but I'm unable to do so.”

If you have a currently ongoing tale, you will be unable to start a new quest tale even if you forfeit the current ongoing one. Please be patient and complete the storyline you are currently working on. Since each boss in the Collection of Tales has an interesting story to tell, we encourage you to take your time to explore each of them one by one.

Starting the Main Questline

In order to proceed with the main questline of the Land of the Morning Light, you must first complete the quests from The Magnus, and then accept the first quest for LoML from the Black Spirit (hotkey: , ).
Check out the information below to get ready to head out to the Land of the Morning Light!
1. Land of the Morning Light Abyss Episode

The LoML Abyss Episode is a story that takes off from the end of Abyss One: The Magnus.
You can begin this questline from the Black Spirit after fulfilling the following requirements.

Quest Requirements

1. Character Lv. 56 or higher
2. Complete the quest [The Magnus] Chest from the Abyss (from the main questline of Abyss One: The Magnus)
3. Not having the quest What Are You Doing Here? active.

Please refer to the [Abyss One: The Magnus] page for how to complete the main questline for The Magnus.


List of Quests

[LoML] Yeonhwa's Departure

[LoML] Snotface Wants To See You

[The Magnus] Last Abyssal Vein

[The Magnus] Another Anomaly

[The Magnus] Memories of the Deep Sea

[The Magnus] Damaged Record Device

[The Magnus] Unseen Shadow

[The Magnus] Netherworld Registry Institute

[The Magnus] Morning's Breeze


2. Accepting the LoML Questline

If you have completed the previous quests, you can proceed with the main questline for LoML.
Before leaving for the Land of the Morning Light, be sure to accept the first quest!


Quest Name

[LoML] Emma's Invitation

Quest NPC

Quest Requirements

Black Spirit → Main Quest (R)

Then go to Igor Bartali at Bartali Farm.

◆ Possess the knowledge entry Abyssal Veins: Land of the Morning Light

 Obtained by completing the quest

[The Magnus] Morning's Breeze

◆  Having completed the quest 

[LoML] Snotface Wants To See You

Please note that, if you’re not starting a new character directly there, you must complete this quest in order to proceed with the main questline of the Land of the Morning Light.


In the quests following [LoML] Emma’s Invitation, the Adventurer gets caught up in some kind of incident that takes place in the Land of the Morning Light in the course of two questlines.


Once you’ve completed these two questlines, you can choose any of the 8 tales starting tales.
Once you complete all 8 tales, 5 new tales will be made available!

Tip! Leaving for the Land of the Morning Light

There are three ways to get to the Land of the Morning Light.

1. After completing the main questline for Abyss One: The Magnus, including the LoML Abyss Episode, use the abyssal vein that leads to Nampo Moodle Village.

2. Move directly to Nampo Moodle Village by using a ship. If you travel there this way, it is recommended to bring an explorer's compass item to check your location in the Great Ocean.

3. Create a new character and select "Land of the Morning Light" as the starting area.


The Collection of Tales

As mentioned earlier, most of the main questline for the Land of the Morning Light is carried out through an omnibus-style collection of individual tales.
You can progress through the first 8 tales, one at a time, via the Collection of Tales window. 


After you’ve completed each tale, you can click them in the collection to view the final scene of that story again.



You can be guided to the location where the story begins by clicking on the details of each tale.


When you complete all of them, 5 more tales will become available. However, these need to be done in order.

Your decisions while playing through the tales of the Collection of Tales will affect how they end. Make your choices freely as you play through the quests and watch how the story unfolds.
Immerse yourself in the story by exploring the captivating illustrations 
at the end of each tale, or in the flashback scenes.

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