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Intermediate Guide

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Intermediate Guide

This document will be a great help to the adventurer of Black Desert who already recognized their own ability and direction, and is ready to go on a journey.  

In future journeys, you will be fighting against stronger monsters.

Adventurer, please always polish your abilities and equipment performance.

Essential travel guide for intermediate adventurers

◆ What if I want to get a stronger weapon, stronger armor?

Completing the Awakening of Black Spirit will allow you to strengthen your equipment through enhancement and transfusion.

You can summon Black Spirit to enhance or to transfuse your equipment.

You can increase your weapon's status by consuming Blackstone (weapon, armor). For normal weapons and armor, there is a section of safe enhancement where is no failure in enhancing items.

It's important to note that Armor is guaranteed success up to +5, and Weapons are safe up to +7.

After that, there are higher chance if failing, and every time you fail the max durability is consumed.

But if you fail, 1 stack accumulates in the section of ‘Increased enhancement chance’, and if you have a high stack, the possibility of succeeding within the relevant value goes up.

There are [Enhance] and [Force-Enhance] methods to enhance your equipment.

[Enhance] is the most common breakthrough method described above, consuming one Blackstone (weapon, armor).

[Forced Break] is a way to break through the next step without failing,

But as you reach a higher level, you need more black stones every time.

The maximum rating of enhancement that can be done by Blackstone is +15.

Black stones can be obtained by cooperating or carrying out special quests such as black spirit quests' compensation, grinding monsters, and by making a purchase at the marketplace.

Transfusion is a feature that improves the performance by attaching a magic crystal to a weapon or armor, and a magic crystal can be obtained from monsters and NPCs.

It is not available for all weapons and armors, and works on items with an 'empty slot'.

◆ Benefits of using Amity

In the world of Black Desert, there is amity that shows the degree of relationship with the major NPCs, and you may get various benefits when amity increases.

In order to raise amity, it is necessary to have conversations with NPCs with knowledge of the NPC's interest.

In addition to that, you can raise your amity by purchasing items from NPCs or by waving hello.

NPCs with a high level of amity often spend their energy and ask for special quests or buffs.

There is a knowledge that can be only acquired by increasing familiarity, and merchants who sell good items when the amity is high.

◆ How do I use contribution?

Contribution is essential in order to enjoy the deep and various contents of Black Desert.

Use contribution to activate the node, dispatch workers, and conduct trade.

You can also rent items and build houses, workshops, and warehouses.

In order to secure a large contribution, you must faithfully carry out the quests.

In addition, the contribution used for a specific purpose can be recovered and used for other purposes.

◆ How can I craft items?

In order to craft items or enhance equipment, you first need to buy a house that fits your needs.

You can buy a house by consuming contribution after selecting the city from the world map.

If you have purchased a house for your needs, you can command the hired workers to do the work.

You can hire workers by talking to an NPC with the title of "Work Supervisor", and hired workers will use items from your warehouse as materials.

◆ I want to get more energy

When you gather a lot of knowledge and grasp a topic completely, the maximum point of energy increases. You can see the condition of increasing maximum point in the knowledge list window (shortcut 'H'). Also, if you collect more than a certain number of titles, the maximum point of energy increases

◆ I want to catch a wild horse

To tame a wild horse, you need a capturing rope which you can buy from a stable's NPC.

Your training level has to be level 5 to capture a horse.

If you feed 'Lump of Raw Sugar' before climbing onto the horse, the catch success rate will increase slightly. 'Lump of Raw Sugar' can be produced by heating (processing) raw sugar and mineral water, after you have required the knowledge of heating.

You can move your captured horse directly to the nearest stables, but, the captured horse will follow you well even if you move to the nearest stables with the horse you came riding in.

◆ How do I get higher tier horse?

You can get the next tier's horses through breeding-market and horse exchanges.

Both the breeding-market and the exchange are available if you have a female horse, but there are time limitations.

If you constantly try to catch, mate, or exchange, you will have a collection of horses and not enough slots to put them in.

◆ I want to move the item to another area

Because the warehouses in Black Desert operate for each city individually,

Items placed in the warehouse of Velia cannot be found in Heidel.

In this case, by using the warehouse transport function, you can conveniently receive items from a city that’s far away. However, it takes some time for items in the warehouse to be transported, and the longer the distance, the longer it takes.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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