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Energy Basics

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This is the points shared by all characters in your family that get spent when interacting with NPC.

It is mostly used to become friends with townsfolk or to learn specific knowledge.

Also, by using the energy you can learn skills without going to the Skill Instructor, or you can spend energy to use various contents such as checking the price of trade goods in another town from a distance.

Energy increases naturally; 1 energy will increase per 3 minutes when you are accessed to the game, and 1 energy will increase per hour when you are logged off.

Therefore, in order to quickly recover the used energy, you will need to stay within the Black Desert world.

When your character is lying on the bed installed in the character’s home the recovering speed will be increased to two times the normal speed.

Or, you can use special items such as Energy Tonics to fill your energy.

Maximum energy begins from 30 and will be increased every time you collect certain Knowledge theme.

The easiest way to increase your maximum energy is to talk to every merchant within a town.

▲ You will need the energy when gaining certain Knowledge.

Energy Usage


Conversation is the content you will encounter most easily and if you succeed it, Amity will increase.

The NPC with whom you can do conversation with is preset, and you cannot do conversations if you lack the Knowledge related to the NPC’s Interests.

The initial energy needed for a conversation is 2, but the energy required will increase as the Amity goes up.

• Greetings

Approach an NPC to view an interaction window. Click on the hand icon to make your character wave its hand to greet the NPC and show intimacy.

3 energy points will be used, and you will gain 3 Amity points.


After you reach a certain level, when you go behind an NPC, the Stealing icon will become active.

If you use ‘5’ Energy to try stealing, you may be able to steal the NPC’s belongings.

But if you fail, the NPC will be disappointed with you, resulting in a huge fall in Amity, and decrease in Karma as well.

• Learning Knowledge from NPC

There are some NPCs who will teach you special Knowledge.

Each knowledge requires different number of energy points which you must use to learn it.

• Returning Defense Token

Defense token will increase your contribution points when you turn in certain amount of it. You can get it by defeating certain monsters. Turning in your defense token will use up ‘3’ energy points.

World Chat

When you do a World Chat, sending a message to all online players, ‘1’ point of energy will be used.

• Learning skills from distance.

When you fulfilled the conditions to learn a new skill, you might want to learn it right away.

If you have enough energy points in this situation, you don’t have to go to town in order to learn new skills.

Just open your Skill Window and learn a new skill. ‘3’ of your energy will be consumed for learning one skill.


All gathering activities except for fishing will use energy. ‘1’ energy will be used every time you gather something.

Bargain Game

When you play the Bargain Game with the Trade NPC, ‘5’ energy will be used each time.

Contracting Workers

Energy will be used when you make a contract to hire a worker with the Work Supervisor and when you ‘View Another’ worker.

Check Trade Price  

Energy will be used when checking trade prices from the world map.

• Node Investment

You can invest energy to a node to increase the Node Investment Level.

Increasing the Node Investment Level will increase the chance of you getting a better item from the monsters within that region.

Increasing Max Energy

Some quests will give 1~3 energy back as a reward.

To properly use your energy, it is convenient to have higher max energy.

If your max energy is 10, even if you use up all your energy, it will become full again after 30 minutes has passed.

If you do not use your energy right away at this point, it’s as if you miss the chance to earn the energy points until you spend it to secure available space. But if your max energy is 20, you won’t miss the chance for an hour, and if it is 40, you don’t have to spend your energy for next two hours.

So since energy is useful in many ways, increasing your max energy is great as well.

Max energy will be increased when you complete a Knowledge theme.

Not all knowledge will increase your energy, so please check before you try to get it.

You can check which Knowledge category will increase your max energy by looking at the knowledge window (H).

▲ Max Energy will be increased when you complete a Knowledge theme.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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