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Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Probability

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Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Probability

Knowledge grades range from the highest grade (S) to the lowest default grade (D), which are obtained according to a specified probability formula.


The knowledge that you have acquired is graded according to the probability formula listed below.

If you fail to acquire higher-grade knowledge, the probability formula for acquiring knowledge of a grade one level lower grade is applied, and this is repeated until the final grade is determined.

(Example: Failure to acquire S grade knowledge -> Activation of A grade knowledge acquisition probability formula -> Failure to acquire A grade knowledge -> Activation of B grade knowledge acquisition probability formula - Repeated until final grade is determined)


[Knowledge Acquisition Probability Formula]

※ Basic knowledge acquisition probability: Items such as Ellen Glasses and Weenie Elixir (which have the "Chance to gain knowledge increases by +50%" disclaimer in the item description) proportionally increase the probability based on the acquisition rate for basic knowledge.

Example: When hunting Monster A, which has a basic knowledge acquisition rate of 40%, and wearing Ellen Glasses, which increases the chance of gaining knowledge by 50%, the rate is applied as follows:
Basic knowledge acquisition rate of Monster A 40% + (Effect of wearing glasses 50% x Basic knowledge acquisition rate of Monster A 40%)

[Knowledge Acquisition Probability Formula by Grade]

S grade knowledge acquisition probability: 1% + @
A grade knowledge acquisition probability: 6% + @
B grade knowledge acquisition probability: 16% + @
C grade knowledge acquisition probability: 46% + @
D grade knowledge acquisition probability: Obtained after failure of all other grades.

※ @: Represents items such as Round Earrings and Looney Elixir, (which have the "Increased chance of acquiring higher-grade knowledge when acquiring knowledge" disclaimer in the item description), that increase the probability of acquiring higher-grade knowledge.
Example: When wearing Round Earrings, the chance of acquiring S grade knowledge increases to 6% (1% + 5%).


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