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Increased Item Drop Rate Effect

Last Edited on : Mar 27, 2024, 10:37 (UTC+8)

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Information on the probability formula for the Increased Item Drop Rate effect.
The Item Drop Rate can be increased through items such as Item Collection Increase Scroll and Item Collection Increase Scroll: Advanced.
[Increased Item Drop Rate Formula]


When the Increased Item Drop Rate effect is applied by an increase of +n%, a value proportional to the original items drop rate is added to the overall drop rate.

For example, when an Item Collection Increase Scroll +100% is in effect, an item with the drop rate of 1% is affected in the following way:

When the base drop rate of an item is 1%, 100% of the items original drop rate is added (1%) thus increasing the overall drop rate to 2%.

[Item Collection Increase Scroll Guide]
Item Collection Increase Scrolls can be activated in the in-game UI.
You can access this feature from Menu (Esc) - Adventure (F5) - Item Collection Increase Scroll.


 Item Collection Increase Gauge Lv. 1 and Lv. 2 have the same Item Drop rate effect. When Lv. 2 is activated, only the Item Drop Amount increases from 50% to 100%.


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