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Combat/Life/Skill/Mount EXP Gain Increase

Last Edited on : Mar 27, 2024, 10:38 (UTC+8)

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This is the formula for the increase in EXP gain for Combat/Life/Skill/Mount.
EXP gain for Combat/Life/Skill/Mount can be increased by using Extra EXP Scrolls for each respective field.
[Combat/Life/Skill/Mount EXP Gain Increase Effect Formula]

When the effect is increased by +n%, a value proportional to the EXP gain chance is added to the total EXP gain chance. 

Example: If a character with a default Life EXP gain of 100% uses an Extra Life EXP Scroll (which increases Life EXP gain probability by 50%) their Life EXP gain will increase as follows:

Default Life EXP gain stat 100% + 50% of default Life EXP gain (50%) = Life EXP gain increases to 150%.


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