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Gleaming Adventure Box

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Probability Info on Resplendent Gleaming Adventure Box

These items can be purchased from the Pearl Shop for a limited period.



* Items obtainable from Resplendent Gleaming Adventure Box

Gleaming Adventure Box
(Obtain 1 according to a set probability)
Item Name Rate(%)
[Event] Premium Outfit Box x10 0.03%
[Event] Dim Origin of Dark Hunger x5 2.25%
[Event] Premium Outfit Box x1 1.00%
Arctic Fox x1 2.00%
* Choose Your 15-Day Box x1 2.50%
Advice of Valks (+100) x1 4.00%
Haetae x1 5.00%
Value Pack (7 Days) x1 5.00%
Rare Cron Stone Bundle x1 5.50%
[Event] Dim Origin of Dark Hunger x1 6.00%
Advice of Valks (+80) x1 7.00%
Mystical Artisan's Memory Bundle x1 10.00%
Artisan's Memory x15 17.00%
Cron Stone x100 32.72%
    • * Contents of Choose Your 15-Day Box (Select one item per bundle.)
      • Blessing of Kamasylve (15 Days) x1
      • Secret Book of Old Moon (15 Days) x1
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