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Pet Skill Change

Last Edited on : Jun 19, 2024, 09:47 (UTC+8)
Pet Skill Change Coupon can be purchased from the Pearl Shop (F3). Find out more about its usage and probability information.
What is a Pet Skill Change Coupon?
- An item that allows you to change your pet's current skill once, without the need to use the pet exchange function.
- It can be used by right-clicking the item while your pet is checked in. Note that pet talents cannot be changed.
(E.g. A Polar Bear's special ability "Auto-Fishing Time Reduction" and its talent "Increase Weight Limit" cannot be changed. However, skills such as Fishing +1, Gathering EXP Increase, and Hunting EXP Increase, which are acquired based on a pet's tier, can be changed.)
※ Probability information for changeable skills can be checked during the skill change process.

■ How to Use the Pet Skill Change Coupon
①. With the "Pet Skill Change Coupon" in your Pearl Inventory, open the pet window from the top left of the screen or through Menu (ESC) - Function (F8) - Pet.

②. Click the "Change Skill" button from the list of checked-in pets.

③. Excluding talents, select the skill you wish to change by clicking the "Change" button.

④. A list of available skills will appear on the right. Clicking on a skill will display its change probability.
- Pressing the [Apply] button will consume one Pet Skill Change Coupon, and the skill will change to one of the available skills from the list based on the specified probability.
※ The change probability for each skill varies depending on the type of skill selected from the desired skill list.
⑤. If the change is successful, the skill will change to your desired skill. If unsuccessful, it will change to a different skill, and your Skill Change Point count will increase by 1.
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