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Gardening can be thought of as similar to farming.

Renting fences and installing them in the area you want will allow you to plant seeds inside and harvest the fruit that you’ve grown.


What’s more, you can obtain quality seeds through Plant Breeding and re-plant them, or you can obtain Haystacks to raise cows and produce milk.


In order to maintain your own garden, you need to prepare.

It’s not hard. Let’s begin with this step-by-step guide below.





  • 1 Renting Fences
  • 2 Installing Fences (Preparing your garden)
  • 3 Planting Seeds
  • 4 Crop Management
  • 5 Harvesting
  • 6 Demolishing
  • Mysterious Seed
  • Magical Seed
  • Old Moon Fence


Renting Fences

To run a garden, the most important thing you’ll need to prepare is ‘Contribution Points’.

Since fences are required items, they can’t be purchased and need to be rented through an NPC.


Although there are different fence types, the sturdiest ‘Strong Fence’ will cost you 10 contribution points.

If you return the fence, you will get the 10 contribution points back.


※ After you rent the item, if you already have the same item in your inventory, you will not be able to rent additional items.

If the item is not in your inventory, renting it will be possible.

So you may wish to put it in storage if you want to rent a number of different fences.


Item Name

Maximum Crop Yield

NPC you can rent from

Small Fence


[3 Contribution Points needed]
Finto Farm: Martina Finto, Costa Farm: Mael Costa,

Dias Farm : Enzo, Altinova: Difry Hussey

Plain Fence


[6 Contribution Points needed]

Toscani Farm: Paola Toscani, Moretti Farm: Mercianne Moretti, Northern Wheat Plantation: Norma Leight, Gianin Farm: Goolie Gianin, Trent: Langus, Altinova : Finlin

Strong Fence


[10 Contribution Points needed]

Heidel : Flaviano, Calpheon: Geranoa, Altinova: Lashir





Installing Fences (Preparing your garden)

After you rent fences, you can install them in non-safe zone areas.


In order to install, right-click the Fence icon in your inventory which will take you to the ‘Place Mode’. There, you can place the fences in the location you want with your cursor.


Avoid obstacles like rocks and trees when you install the fence. Additionally, it would be more convenient to place it close to an area you visit most frequently to speed up harvesting.


▲ In Place Mode, you can place fences only areas where the (install) box pops up in green

When you have completed installing, get inside the fence that you just placed and interact with the (‘R’ key) to start managing your garden.




Planting Seeds

If you have your garden ready, the next step is to plant seeds.


You can obtain seeds gathering from bushes and plants, or you can buy them from an NPC.

You can plant Seeds, Seed Sweet Potatoes (Seed Potato), Hyphas, and Haystacks in your Garden.


▲ Planting seeds is similar to installing furniture in a house. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the seeds available for planting. Select a seed and drag it to a lot you want.


Note that there is a limited total number of lots when you plant seeds in a garden.

Each seed type has a ‘Tooltip’ that lets you know how many lots they take up. You’ll need to take this into account when you are planting.

▲ A Haystack takes up 4 lots.


When you are done planting a seed, the crop will display with 0% growth.

It should grow nicely as time goes by.




Crop Management

If you’re done planting, now it’s time to manage your crops.

Crops are sensitive to humidity and temperature. They are also vulnerable to attacks from pests, blights and birds.

You will periodically need to prune your crops, and make sure that they have enough water.

Using fertilizer will speed up the growth rate as well.


Pest blights and the need for pruning your crops will appear randomly with a fixed chance.

If you run into these problems, the crop’s growth rate drops significantly, so you need to make sure to resolve these issues quickly.


If you do the Pruning and Killing Insects actions, you will earn Farming EXP.

Also, you may randomly earn loots which can include valuable items such as the ‘Black Crystal Shard’.


▲ If your Fence icon turns red in the World Map, it indicates that there is a problem you need to attend to.

▲ If the yellow growth bar turns red, it indicates a pest infection caused by blight or entangled branches.

In these cases, approach the crop, interact with it (shortcut key ‘R’) to start Pruning and Killing Insects (consumes Energy 1).



For your convenience, here are some gadgets that you can install in your Garden to protect your crops.


To begin, a Scarecrow will keep attacking birds away.

You will see a difference between the quality of your produce with, and without a Scarecrow.


Next, a Waterway.

As mentioned before, you need to feed enough water to your crops to boost the growth rate.

If you install a Waterway, you won’t have to worry about a water shortage.


In order to obtain a Scarecrow, buy a house and set its purpose as ‘Carpentry Workshop’ in which you can craft a Scarecrow.


▲ The crop on the left has no Scarecrow and no Waterway. It can’t protect against birds and also has low water absorption.

Meanwhile, the crop on the right is protected from birds and has a stable water absorption rate.


Now, here are some activities you can do yourself to help the crop grow.

If the crop needs water, get some Distilled Water (or Purified Water) ready in your inventory and take it to your garden. You can right-click on the item and the crop will be watered.

You can also use fertilizer in the same way in order to boost the growth rate.


In order to obtain Distilled Water, purchase an Empty Bottle from the Material Vendor and go to the river to fill it to make ‘Bottle of River Water’. Then bring up the processing tab (shortcut ‘L’) to heat it up which will give you Distilled Water.

The simplest ‘Inorganic Fertilizer’, can be obtained through drying such grains as Wheat or Barley in the processing tab.


Lastly, if you find all these methods too burdensome, you can send a worker to do the work for you, or just leave the garden unattended.

If you send a worker, they’ll have trouble taking care of the moisture level or bird attacks, but will take care of Pruning and Killing Insects, which will help you conveniently run your garden.


Leaving the garden unattended means leaving your crops to be eaten by birds or insects.

If unattended, your crops will take longer to grow to 100%, but it also means that you can do other things in the meantime.

You can choose your strategy according to your own preferences.


▲ Click the ‘Garden’ icon on the top left to view the list of your gardens. Then click the ‘Worker List’ icon to send a worker to your garden.


▲ Consider assigning a worker to do the work for you.





Regardless of how you managed your crops, when the crop has grown to 100%, you will be able to harvest them..

Although the growth value goes up to 200%, you can harvest your crop at 100%~199% with no losses. Once it reaches 200%, the crop gets old and your harvest will be significantly smaller.


Crop harvesting is divided into ‘General Harvesting’ and ‘Plant Breeding’.

General Harvesting allows you to reap the ‘fruits’ from your crops.

Plant Breeding allows you try breeding your seeds to a higher value.


Once you succeed in Plant Breeding, you can obtain several seeds of a higher class.

There are no penalties to attempt Plant Breeding when you crop is at 200%.

So it would be more profitable to choose Plant Breeding for the crops that are at 200%.




▲ On the left – General Harvesting, on the right – Plant Breeding (There is a chance of success/failure when you breed).





If you don’t use a fence for a week after installing it, it will be demolished automatically,

When being demolished, please note that any crops that are not harvested will be removed as well.


Demolished fences will be sent to storage in the nearest town.


You can demolish the fence yourself if there are no crops in the garden. The fence you demolished can be retrieved back into your inventory.

You can take the fence with you and install it wherever you want to grow crops.



Mysterious Seed

Mysterious Seeds can be obtained with a low chance through plant breeding.


If you process Mysterious Seed and Crop Seeds together through ‘Shaking’, you can obtain Mysterious Crop Seed, which can yield more crops when harvesting.


Mysterious Crop Seed will take up 5 times the normal amount of lots needed when planting in a garden. However the yield is that much greater, so it has the same effect as planting many crops.


Since it takes up more lots in your garden, it can reduce the time you have to spend on maintaining your garden.


When breeding the Mysterious Crop Seed, you can gain 3~4 fruits with a fixed chance.

If you’re looking for fruits needed in Alchemy, it is a good option.


▲There’s a rare chance you might acquire Mysterious Seed through breeding crops.

Not only is it convenient for harvesting and breeding, it’s also a good opportunity to acquire fruits.



Magical Seed

Magical Seeds are precious seeds only obtainable to those that are at Farming Artisan Level 1 or higher.


If you are at Farming Artisan level 1 or higher and do crop breeding to enhance your seed, you can obtain a ‘Magical **** Seed’. Similar to Mysterious Seeds, Magical Seeds take up 5 times the normal lots required in your garden, meaning that harvesting Magical Seed crop is equivalent to planting 5 normal seeds.



At first glance, it will be hard to tell the difference between Mysterious and Magical seeds.


Mysterious Seeds can only be obtained randomly by breeding with a rare chance, so it is hard to sustain long cycles of farming with only the Mysterious Seeds.

On the other hand, 1 or more Magical Seeds can be obtained by breeding with a fixed chance, so they


Additionally, breeding Mysterious Seeds will guarantee you fruits needed for Alchemy, but breeding Magical Seeds will only give you the fruits randomly. So there are pros and cons to farming and breeding either kind of seed.


If you are at Farming Artisan Level 1 and want easy harvesting and breeding, then using Magical Seeds would be beneficial. Conversely, if your Farming level is low or if you need Alchemy ingredients, then using Mysterious Seeds would be beneficial.



Old Moon Fence

If you have reached Farming Master Level 1, it will become even easier to farm by making use of a convenient new fence.


You can talk to the Old Moon Manager in each town and rent an ‘Old Moon Fence’ by spending contribution points. Like, the ‘Strong Fence’, the Old Moon Fence allows 10 lots for your crops. However, it is much smaller so installing it and maintaining your garden is more convenient.


To rent an Old Moon Fence, you will need 10 contribution points.

Since it still counts towards your fence rental limit, if you’re already using 10 Strong fences already, you must return them before you can rent more.

▲You can talk to the Old Moon managers in each town and spend 10 contribution points to rent an Old Moon Fence.



▲The Old Moon Fence is only about half the size of the Strong Fence but plants the same amount of crops!


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.


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