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Fishing has been considered as a great leisure activity for people with elegant taste.


Many artists have praised fishing and left poetry and pictures which celebrated fishing. Such taste can be enjoyed within Black Desert as well.


Fishing is not just a way to catch sea food, but it is an activity of recreation and relaxation.



You will need a fishing rod in order to enjoy fishing.


You can buy fishing rods from Ferry Crossing Keepers or get it naturally while performing the beginner’s quests.



By using Floats on fishing rods you can get help in fishing rarer or bigger fish, these fishing tools can be made within the in-house Tool Workshops as well.



You can fish in anywhere there’s water; swamps, small creeks, rivers, or oceans.

Also, you can get on a rowboat to enjoy fishing, or you can play mini-games while being on boats that are larger than fishing boats.


However, you cannot try fishing in a water that is too shallow.


Fishing takes the longest time per action amongst all Life activities.


In a place where a lot of people are fishing, the Fishing Resources get reduced.

And as the fishing resource gets reduced, the time it takes to fish once will become longer as well.



You can check the Fishing Resource status right away when you equip a fishing rod, you can also open the World Map and look through the Territory Resource Information.






Fishing Steps

When you have equipped a fishing rod by the water, press the to throw the fish hook away.

Now you just have to wait for the fish to bite.


After waiting for a minute and a reaction will come,

Then use the again to begin the fun.


A moving gauge will show up, and you will have three chances to hit the again to stop the gauge to the right side and succeed.



When all the steps above are done properly, now you get to put in the 'A', 'S', 'D', 'W' commands in given order in limited time to get the fish.


The commands will be increased for fish with higher ratings, but it will not become too much, so do not worry.


▲ Fishing Steps.


You can also gain EXP by fishing.

As fishing takes a longer time than other life contents per action, it will give much more EXP than other activities.


If you fish often, the fishing level goes up, as your fishing level goes up, the chances for fishing higher rated fish will also go up.


The kind of fish you can get is different for each territory.

The fish will usually be used as cooking or alchemy material, but it can also become an expensive Trade item depending on the rarity of the fish.


Fish usually have Price Guarantee on them and have to be processed within that time, or must be thrown away.

By using ‘Drying’ in Processing, you can keep the dried product regardless of the Price Guarantee.


Although, dried fish will depreciate in value.

You can turn the dried fish into Trade item at your home and profit from it.






Auto Fishing

After something has been hooked to the fishing rod, it will go into auto fishing after some time has passed.

The auto fishing time varies depending on the fishing rod, or pet skills.


With auto fishing, it is easy because you don’t have to put in commands.


If you’re worried about the limited inventory slots, you can check to on the ‘Discard useless items caught during Auto Fish’ to gain only the items with the higher rating.








Fish Guide

The Fish Guide is a guide which contains information about the fish you can get through fishing.


Only the fish you have gotten yourself is shown, and you can look at the knowledge, how many times you caught this fish, the maximum size of the fish you caught, and the leaderboard for a size of each fish you caught. The Fish Guide will be updated whenever you catch a fish bigger than your previous record.

However, if you log off as soon as you catch the fish, there’s a chance that your data might not be saved.


Fish Guide will show the catch size leaderboard which will show the adventurer’s name and for the same sized fish, the adventurer who caught that size before will be ranked higher.



▲The Fish Guide can be found in the ESC menu.


The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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