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All the adventurers in Black Desert have limits on inventory and weight.

So it is very important to take good care of the items.

The most important thing in this management is how to use to the warehouse

The warehouse in Black Desert serves the basic function of keeping your items well,

As well as house production and making workers work, so it is very important.


Finding Storage keeper NPC

The warehouse in Black Desert are separated for each town separately.

For example, items that are left at Velia can’t be recovered from other Heidel city.


Also, not all towns have the warehouse.

To distinguish this, open world map (shortcut ‘M’) and on the town’s node icon, then the warehouse window of a town that has warehouse will be activated right away, and the town without warehouse won’t show anything.

Because of this, NPCs who manages the warehouse is distinguished for each town.

You can find the Storage keeper NPC easily by clicking the NPC magnifying glass icon on the left side of the mini map.

Or you can open the mini map and right click the ‘warehouse’ icon in the village.

The storage keeper NPCs are as follows.



NPC name (Town name)


Makuum(Olvia), Ernill(Velia)


Amerigo (Heidel), Frenil (Glish),


Basquean Ljurik (Calpheon), Pavino Greko (Port Epheria),

Christine Cessory (Keplan), Langus (Trent),


Deve (Altinova), Ignar(Tarif)


Taboo (Sand Grain Bazaar), Altunie (Shakatu), Ramanit(Valencia city)

Using warehouse

If you go to the storage keeper NPC and talk them, you can find ‘warehouse’ from the menu.

If you click this ‘warehouse’ the warehouse window where you can store the items in the town will be activated.

8 slots are initially available at a warehouse.

If you wish to expand your slots, you can buy the town’s house with contribution and change the use as the warehouse.

Every time the level of the house that the use is changed gets activated, 3 slots increase.


You can keep your silver coins and items in the warehouse.

But the items that are bound to the character can’t be kept at a warehouse.

The items in the warehouse can’t be stolen or disappear.

But for the items that have price guarantee(fish and etc.) and expire date(Summon style item) can decay or get useless if the date passes even if it’s in the warehouse, so you need to be aware.

For silver coins, you can keep them without limit.

If you open the warehouse and left click the silver coin icon from your inventory, a window to decide how much money to be transferred pops up.

On the other hand, when taking out silver coins from the warehouse, left click the silver coin icon in the warehouse window.

For reference, if you open the warehouse, the ‘current marketplace asset value’ shows up under the screen, and this shows the current marketplace price asset value of the item that you have kept in silver coins.

▲ After getting a house in the area, if you set the use as storage, you can get more slots of warehouse depending on the level.



As mentioned above, the warehouse in Black Desert are separated by region.

What if you kept a lot of items in the warehouse of region A, and you want to move to region B all of a sudden?

Just thinking about it might give you a headache.

But at these times, if you use ‘transport’ you can move easily.


If you go back to the storage keeper NPC again and talk to them, you can find the ‘transport’ button.

If you press this, another window of ‘transport status’ opens.

So when you send an item, press ‘send’ button in the transport status.

Then a new slot and menu for choosing destination and transport status open.


For destination, the ‘town with a storage’ gets renewed automatically.

After selecting the destination and transport method (wagon, trade ship), right click the item from the warehouse.


It is a method where item that can be sent gets packed,

(1item for item that can’t be stacked, and for items that can be stacked, the system separates it on its own) and up to 40 can be packed. (Bound item can’t be transported)

If the nodes are all connected between the relevant towns to the destination town the transport fee is cheap, but if not, the transport fee goes up 3 times. (The amount is not too big)

If you have prepared everything, press ‘send’ button.

Then a freight wagon or a trade ship that is constantly moving to the destination while going to the relevant town will carry the item.

The time it takes for transport is different from time to time.

Now, let’s get back the item that you deposited.

After you moved to the destination, meet the storage keeper NPC and check the transport status.

If the item already arrived, you can find it in transport status right away.

If you press ‘receive all’ at this point, all of the items that have been sent goes to the warehouse of the destination.

Currency exchange

Since Black Desert silver coins have weight, there is a limit to how much a character can carry.

So if you deposit 100 million in a particular town, you can’t take out all of it.

At these moments, currency exchange can be useful.

If you talk to storage keeper NPC and click ‘currency exchange’, the window where 1G~1000G of gold ingot can be bought and sold opens.

Exchange 1G for 100,000 silver coins, and then yon will be able to carry the money more easily.

Both buying and selling is available, so if you use it well, you’ll be able to enjoy it more.


Shopping with the silver coins that is deposited at the warehouse

As mentioned several time, there is a limit to how much silver coin a character can carry.

So it’s more effective to store most of the silver coins to the warehouse.  

Then how would you buy expensive items? You don’t have to worry.

In case of a town with warehouse, you can buy and sell items with the silver coins in the warehouse.

Whoever it might be, that to a general goods vendor or a NPC and click ‘shop’ and open it. The item list that the relevant NPC shows gets printed.

If you look at the bottom of that list, the ‘balance’ and ‘held in storage’ is separated, and the money gets spent based on what you select.

If you select ‘held in storage’ and buy the item, silver coins kept at the warehouse will be used.

This function can be used in all NPC’s shop as well as marketplace.

  1. if you need to buy an expensive item, it is a great idea to keep it all in an area where there is marketplace.

Also, this function can be used not only in buying but selling as well.

If you sell the trophies earned from hunting the monsters, and you’ve checked ‘held in storage’, all the items that has been sold goes to the warehouse. It is an easy system if you get to know it.

Registering items kept in a storage to the marketplace

You can register the item in the warehouse to a marketplace right away.

If you click the [marketplace] icon in the warehouse window, the register item window pops up and you can upload items through here.

If you succeed in registering the item, it gets registered to the marketplace in the town.

But, this function needs a marketplace director NPC in the relevant town.


The relation between workers, crafting and storage

It will be introduced in a detailed way in ‘Craft house’, but storage is connected to what your workers do, apart from your items.  

For example, let’s say you buy one house in Velia as a ‘Fish Workshop’ and craft a ‘packaged dried mudskipper’ with a worker.

In order to craft a ‘packaged dried mudskipper’, you need 10 ‘dried mudskipper’ and 1 black stone powder. You need to have these ingredients/materials in the storage so that the workers can find them and start working.


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