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Since Black Desert is made up of vast worlds,

A convenient navigation system to suit the world is offered.

If you designate a destination on the world map a navigation guide appears,

And the guide gets displayed to the destination even in the normal game screen.

If you just look at the world map closely, you won’t get lost anywhere.

Also, if you press the automatic move (shortcut ‘T’) in the situation above,

The character automatically moves to the destination without control.


Activating navigation in the World

It is very easy to activate navigation. 


Open the world map, (shortcut ‘M’), and right click anywhere on the area you want.  

Then a light pillar appears on the point where it is right clicked, and a guideline to the destination gets activated.

If you close the world map afterwards, you can see the navigation guide getting activated around the character.

If you just follow the navigation guide, you will be able to reach the destination easily.


Changing the navigation from activated state to deactivated state is also similar.

Open the world map again, and if you right click anywhere with your mouse, it changes to deactivated state.

This deactivation can be done by right clicking the mouse anywhere on the mini map, excluding the world map.


Quest destination guide

Navigation can be used in normal state like number 1,

But it has amplified effect if it is used in a quest.


When you get a quest, the currently ongoing quest list appears on the right of the screen, and if you right click your mouse cursor on the quest name the navigation to the destination gets activated.

Or if you put your mouse upon the quest tracker, a red and yellow button appears at the end of the name.

The red button is navigation activation towards the destination,

And the yellow button is navigation activation as well as the automatic movement towards the destination. 

▲ If you right click the mouse on the icon of the world map quest destination, navigation is activated.



World map icon

If you open the world map and look at towns, you can see various icons on the screen.

These icons show the locations of NPC, monsters and the area,

And if you right click after the putting mouse cursor on the icon, the navigation towards the destination is activated.



For some items that can be earned from Black Desert world,

Navigations are sometimes provided.

In case of summon scrolls that summon monster, you have to go to a particular area,

And if you right click after putting the mouse cursor on the icon the navigation towards the destination is activated.

If you reach the destination with that navigation guide, then you can use the item.




Talk with NPC

There are numerous numbers of NPCs in Black Desert world.

Sometimes when you are talking to these NPCs, you can see a phrase that says “Navigation has been activated” on the chat window.

Sometimes you can see a command saying “Go to the place located on world map”.  

After you end this conversation, you can see that navigation has been activated.

If you follow this, you can earn what the NPC wants.


There are nodes in each area of the Black Desert.

If you right click your mouse cursor on this node, the navigation to relevant node manager NPC gets activated.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a node manager, but you can find them easily through this function.

Also, after pressing [Node management] button after talking node manager,

If there is no previous node that connects with the relevant node, a message that says ‘Connection to the previous node is required’ appears.

If you click this button at this time, the navigation to a closest node that connects to the relevant node gets activated.

By backtracking this, you can easily connect the node to a point you want.



* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.


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