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You can extract Black Stones and Magic Crystals used on your items.


Black Stones are extracted by ‘Black Stone Extraction’ and Magic Crystals are extracted by ‘Crystal Extraction’. You can extract them via the blacksmith NPCs.


▲ Talk to the blacksmith NPCs to extract Black Stones and Magic Crystals from equipments.

Black Stone Extraction

You can get Black Stones used to enhance your equipment through Black Stone Extraction.


You are guaranteed to get all the Black Stones used during safe enhancement.

However, the rest of the Black Stones used may or may not be returned, making it inefficient to extract items with high enhancement levels.


Additionally, there’s always a chance to fail enhancements outside of safe enhancements. Which makes its even more inefficient if you consider the Black Stones consumed on the failed enhancements.


The most efficient way to use Black Stones would be to only enhance items up to the highest safe enhancement level then extract them when you want to switch them. This way you won’t lose any Black Stones.  

▲ Please note that the item your extracting Black Stones from will be destroyed in this process.

Crystal Extraction

You can extract crystals by using a ‘Crystal Extraction Tool’ or a ‘Black Spirit Essence’.

The Crystal Extraction Tool is available in the Loyalties Shop.

The Black Spirit Essence is available in the Pearl Shop.

▲ You will need to right click on the items needed for Crystal Extraction in your ‘Inventory’ or ‘Pearl Inventory’ to extract Magic Crystals.


Your equipment don’t get destroyed during Crystal Extraction, unlike the other extractions.


Outfit Extraction

You can extract Valks’ Cries and Con Stones from Outfits sold in the Pearl Shop.


Using a Valks’ Cry will increases your Enhancement Chance by +1.

It works separately from your regular Enhancement Chance.

The maximum you can increase your Enhancement Chance using Valks’ Cry is +10.


Cron Stones are used for enhancing PRI items or higher.

It keeps the item at its current enhancement level even if the enhancement attempt fails.

The amount of Cron Stones required depends on the item your enhancing.


Read the item’s tooltip to see how many Valks’ Cries and Cron Stones you can get from it. The tooltip will show the exact number of Valks’ Cries and Cron Stones you can get by extracting it.


Functional Costumes like Desert Camouflage, Treant Armor, Venecil Dress cannot be extracted, therefore, you cannot get Valks’ Cries or Cron Stones from them.


You can get Outfit Extraction done by blacksmith NPCs in towns by opening the extraction menu.


▲ Outfit Extraction is done by the blacksmith. Go to Extraction > Outfit Extraction.


▲ You can check how many Valks’ Cries and Cron Stones you can get by extracting an outfit from the Pearl Shop in its tooltip. You cannot extract from Functional Costumes like Desert Camouflage and Venecil Dress.


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