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If a character dies,

There is penalty depending on what caused the death.


If you die after fighting monsters,

Combat EXP goes down, destruction of crystal and trade item could happen.

Crystal can be easily destroyed so you need to pay close attention.

But if your level goes up, Combat EXP loss can be a burden so you need to be careful.

But no penalty is applied from death from PvP.

▲ When killed by a monster, the combat EXP goes down, and crystal might get destroyed by chance


Resurrection spot

When your character dies, you can select a resurrection location.

If you don’t choose a location within 1 minute, which is the resurrection waiting

time, it resurrects automatically depending on the situation.

If you have revival items such as ‘Elion’s Tear’, and check it for use, the combat EXP gets revived however, or whenever you are resurrected. (Excludes crystal/trade goods)


Instant resurrection

If you have the ‘Elion’s tear’ item, you can resurrect on the exact spot.

 If you are in the arena, you can resurrect without ‘Elion’s tear’.

But if you die in conquest area or underwater, you can’t use the item.


Resurrect at a town


You resurrect from a town that is closest to the node where you died,

If there is no town that has been discovered in the territory, you will be resurrected from the closest town possible.


Resurrect from closets exploration node

You are resurrected from a town that is closest to the exploration node where you died, amd the node has to have been discovered in advance.

A character with chaotic karma can be resurrected in an unexplored exploration nodes,

Or randomly resurrects out of the 3 closest exploration nodes.

If there are no exploration nodes nearby, this menu might not become available.


▲ If there is no nearby town or exploration node, you resurrect from a far area so be careful.


Chaotic karma penalty – normal

The karma goes down if you do an action such as stealing or PK,

And goes up if you kill a monster.


If you are attacked while PVP is activated and attacked them back and killed them, it is considered self-defense so it does not influence your karma. But if not, it’s considered PK, and a penalty of decreased karma happens.


If you attack the someone first, while your PVP is activated the karma will be decreased by 10,000, and if you kill that person 200,000 karma decreases.

So if you kill someone who doesn’t attack back, 210,000 karma decreases, and if you counterattack someone who attacked you, there is no penalty on your karma.


You can’t bring up your karma to above 300,000, so if you kill 2people continuously, your karma goes bellow 0 and you can get big penalties.


If your karma goes down constantly and becomes evil karma (Chaotic karma) where it goes under zero, and many penalties get applied from then on.


Attack in safe zone

An adventurer with chaotic karma can be attacked within the safe zone (town) and gets death penalty upon dying.


Intensified Death penalty

If a character with chaotic karma dies the even more EXP will be decreased.

Or more crystals of equipment get destroyed or enhancement level may –go down. But, like penalty on a normal state, the enhancement level penalty destruction of crystal does not happen at the same time, and the enhancement level decreasing penalty does not happen in Valencia desert.


Resurrection area

When a chaotic karma character resurrects and selects ‘nearest exploration node’, it resurrects randomly from one of the three nearest exploration nodes whether it has been found or not.


Attack from NPC

Guard NPC will attack  a chaotic karma character right away when it comes nearby.

The guards walk around the town border as well as inside, so it will be difficult to use the town normally.

But the guard does not attack in Muiquun.

▲ You get attacked by the guards if you become chaotic state because your karma went down.


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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