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A guild is a group of people who gathered together for a particular purpose.

There are a lot of exclusive contents that can be conducted only if you are included in a guild, and the reward for the various activities can be shared by all the guild members.


Create guild

For the guild, you can create from level 1 through the guild manager NPC in each town.

You need 100,000 silver coins when you create a guild for the first time, and out of this, 20,000 silver coins are used for commission and 80,000 silver coins as guild funds.



Conditions to creating a clan/guild

- You have no clan or guild that you’ve already registered to

- 24hours must have passed after leaving clan/guild

- You can make guild name only in English/numbers, and you can’t use blank or special characters.


(Like guild creation, 80,000 silver coins excluding the 20,000 silver coins will be saved as guild funds.) If you want to develop to a guild from a clan, you need to pay 100,000 silver coins for promotion to the guild manager.

Create guild


Register guild insignia

In order to register guild insignia which is like the guild’s face, you need to buy ‘Guild insignia certificate’ item from the guild manager.

You can register a guild insignia in guild window

You can register guild insignia in guild window(G) after making 60X60 pixel ‘Gmark.png’ picture file into ‘My documents/Black Desert’ folder.


But keep in mind you can register and change guild insignia only on Mondays.
If you click guild windows register/change

▲ If you click guild windows register/change insignia while holding a guild insignia certificate  


The confirmation window like the above appears

▲ The confirmation window like the above appears and the guild insignia is registered.


Guild member contract and leave

In order to register another character to the guild, you need to click the guild invite in the interaction menu or click the name of the character who is trying to register from the chat window and invite.

But, in order to register to a guild, the recruiter (chief/commander) has to be on the same server with a new member.


Conditions of joining guild

1. Guild is sharing of family so you can register into 1 guild per account.

2. You can’t register to a different/same guild within 24 hours of leaving a guild.


In the contract, there are contract terms, daily pay and cancellation fee, and contract terms are 1day, 7 days, 14days, or 30days.You are registered to the guild when you sign the contract sent by the guild master.

In case of contract terms, it can be set by the guild master and daily pay and cancellation fee are tied to the contract terms.

When making the first contract the daily pay can be 0 days(0 silver coin)/1day(1000silver coins)/7days(7000silver coins)/ 14days(14000silver coins)/30days(30000 silver coins), and 1 day after the contract is made contract renewal can be done.

When renewing the contract, you can increase the 1% of current pay for 100 points of current activity level, and the increase can be limited to 100% for each contract.

For example if your current pay is 30,000 silver coins and activity level is 10,000, you can renewal the contract at a maximum of 60,000 silver coins. 

Renewal can be done at least once a day, and it is renewed on midnight (24 o’clock) real time.

If your contract with the guild has ended, you can leave the guild without any penalties, but if you leave the guild within the contract terms, you need to pay the cancellation fee depending on the period and if you don’t have the amount of money, you can’t leave the guild.

If a guild member is forced to leave by the chief or commander,

3 times the daily pay will be paid to the guild member as a compensation.


Guild duty and rights

Unlike clan, you can appoint a commander and a quartermaster in a guild.

The commander supports the master and has the guild management authority.

There is no limit on the number of commanders.

The guild master can appoint all the guild members as commanders or appoint no one.

Guild master

The person in charge of the guild. Since it holds a lot of authority, it has many responsibilities as well.

If a guild is a company, the guild master is the president. 

If the master is unavailable for a long period of time, there is a big possibility that the guild won’t function very well.


Can get part of the guild authority and help the guild master to manage a guild.

If it’s a company, it is the role of an administrator.



Is in charge of supplying war supplies.

Can buy and use most of the war supplies at guild shop.

Guild member

If you register to a guild, you automatically become a guild member.

You can use the guild contents, but do not have the right to operate the guild.  



Rights based on position





Guild member

Guild member contract/expulsion





Grant position





Use guild shop





Change guild emblem





Declaration and withdrawal of war





Guild member protection setting





Obtain guild skill





Disband guild







If you set a lot of commanders, a lot of people have the authority to manage a guild.

But only the guild master can contract a commander, so the guild master has more work to do.


Guild window

Guil window


① Notice

Can write down the guild notice to be shared with guild members (Only available to guild master/commander)


② Guild introduction  

Can write down descriptions of the guild. It is open to all the players on guild rank.

(Only available to guild master/commander)


 Saying of the day  

It serves the function of writing down the contents that all the guild members want to share, and is only shared within the guild.


④ Increasing capacity

You can increase the guild members to a maximum of 100 people.

As the size of the guild gets bigger, the maximum capacity of the guild member and protection capacity increases as well.

But the size of the guild is decided by the number of people who joined, apart from the maximum member capacity.


⑤ Increasing Guild protection capacity  

Other than the protection capacity that is provided, the maximum protection capacity can be increased by using guild scores. Can increase up to 10% of the current member capacity, and if the maximum capacity is 100 people, upon the basic protection capacity of 10 people, additional 10 people can be added so 20 people can be set as protection capacity. Every time the protection capacity increases by one person, 1 guild score is spent. The guild member that is set as protection capacity can’t be attacked by an enemy guild member, but if the enemy guild member activates forced attack (ALT+C), can be attacked.


⑥ Declaration of war

Can declare war towards other guild (Only available to guild master/commander)


⑦ Guild storage

Opens a guiild storage that can only be used in shops.


⑧ Guild information

Guild information page is activated, and can use guestbook.


⑨ Guild war

From the left they are buttons for penalty applicability/request the final war/withdraw from war.


Guild communication

Guild members can exchange information and communicate through guild communication. You can use chat conversation by entering /G key into the chat window or activating the input window and then pressing ALT+5.


If you add !(exclamation mark) in front of the chat sentence, you can show your message on the top center of the game screen to all the guild members who are connected.


If a guild member in the same server collapses during a guild war, the location is shown as skull on the world map.

It is the easiest way to check in which area our guild members are having a fight.

Also, the guild members from the same guild is displayed as green mark on mini map and world map.


Guild fund

Guild fund starts with the minimum of 80,000 silver coins at the point of creating a guild.

No one can withdraw the guild fund and it is used only for the operation of a guild.


How to obtain guild fund

1. Guild mission

The most basic way to obtain guild funds is to complete the guild mission.

Depending on the size and the type of guild mission, the fund differs.


2. Conquest/Node war

If there are many guild members who like PvP and you want to earn more guild funds, participate in conquest and node war.

If you win, you will able to obtain a part of the territory tax as guild fund.

You can earn guild fund up to hundred millions even if you conquest just 1st level of node.

The tax that was earned from winning conquest or node war can only be collected in the server where the war happened. For example, if you want to collect the tax from the southern guard camp that is included in the Serendia Territory, you have to move to Serendia 1 server. If you don’t collect it until 15 minutes before the next conquest/node war starts, the tax gets collected automatically, and it automatically collects again 5 minutes before the conquest/node war.


Guild Bonus

Any Guild with at least 30 members can now distribute Guild Bonus.

Guild Bonus can be distributed once every seven days, and can be up to 40% of your Guild Funds.

Guild Bonus can be distributed only by guild masters.



Gaining guild scores

Guild mission

The most basic method to gain guild score is to accomplish guild mission.

Depending on the size of guild and type of the guild, from minimum of 500 to maximum of 24000 guild skill experience can be obtained. If the guild accomplishes 100% of the guild skill experience, the guild can earn 2 guild points.

As the size of the guild mission gets bigger and the time limit is high, the guild can earn more guild skill scores.


Increase the level and skills of guild members

In case of a new adventurer who can’t help with guild mission because of the low level, the adventurer can contribute to the guild growth by increasing the character level and life level.

Although smaller than guild mission, the new adventurer is much faster in increasing the level and life skills, so they can earn more guild activity than you might expect.


Guild mission

Guild mission is a content where reward is provided after paying the deposit and completing the mission.

Guild mission can be carried out 10 times a day per a guild.


The goal for most missions are to accomplish the goal within limited time,

And for the types of mission there are gathering (processing), and fishing.

If the guild fails to accomplish the goal within the given time it must give up the mission, if the guild presses forfeit guild mission, guild point can’t be earned.

(When forfeiting, the number of available mission doesn’t come back)


For the guild mission, the needed number of people differs depending on the size.

The recommended number of people are 1~5 people for small, 6~10 people for medium, 10~15 people for large, and 16~20 people for extra large. If there are guild members with high levels and great equipment, the required number of people decreases.

The guild mission can be checked on the top button

▲ The guild mission can be checked on the top button after pressing open the guild window by pressing shortcut


Occupancy mission

Occupancy mission are mostly made up of recommended hunting spot,

So you can carry out mission guild as well us leveling up.

When carrying out an occupancy mission, it is important to select not just the size but selecting the area depending on the level of the guild members.

The level of the monster differs depending on the area, so the level of guild mission differs as well. Also, even if the size and the area is the same, if the time limit is longer, it is a more difficult quest.


If the average level of the guild members are level 45~50, Calpheon region is recommended. The occupancy missions for Calpheon region consists of defeating Rhutums, Manshas, Hexe skeletons, Treant spirits, Calpheon shrine herds and Cyclops and one is selected randomly.


If the average level of the guild members are level 51~55, Mediah region is recommended. The occupancy missions for Mediah region consists of cleaning out wandering rogue domain, defeating Helms, cleaning out the Elric monastery follower, defeating Manes, defeating Sausan and killing the Barbarians in the abandoned iron mine, and one is selected randomly.


If the average level of the guild members are above level 55, Valencia is recommended.

The occupancy missions for Valencia consists of defeating Desert fogans, Crescent cultists, Desert nagas, Gahaz bandits, Wargons, Cadry cultists, Valencian bashims, Valencia basilisks and Centaurus, and one is selected randomly.


General mission

General mission is made up of gathering (processing), fishing and trading, and has the advantage of life skills while carrying on with guild mission.

If the level is low and there are many guild members who enjoy life contents, general mission is recommended. Gathering and fishing quests are displayed in green, and trade is displayed in brown icon.

Out of the general mission, trade mission is only suggested for guild with strong teamwork since the level of difficulty is high, having to spend the guild member’s fund and restricting skills as well has the master having to join.


Tip! Guild raid

Out of the general mission, once you complete the mission with the preface of ‘Boss subjugation]’you can obtain guild raid summon scroll as a reward.

Although you can earn items such as Liverto weapon and Grunil defense gear high-grade crystal. Since the deposit is high, it is recommended to guild with a lot of funds.


Guild skill

Guild skill is a various effect that is applied on all the guild members.

Out of guild skills, there is a passive type of skill that can be applied right after learning, and active type skill that is applied for a certain period of time when used.


Related to combat

Out of combat related skills, there is Furious roar (accuracy up), Battle roar (All AP increase), Flame of life (Max HP increase scroll) and Flame of protection (Damage reduction).

They are guild skills that are useful for hunting, so if there are a lot of guild members who like hunting or PvP, it is a guild skill that should be considered first.

Related to combat


Life related

Out of life skills there are Nimble fingers (gathering level increase), art of fishing (fishing level increase), and skilled rider. Out of these, the most popular ones are nimble fingers and art of fishing, and the skilled rider is not as efficient.

If there are a lot of guild members who like gathering and crafting, learning life skill is recommended. But compared to combat skills it consumes a lot of guild scores, so it is better to learn according to the life level of the guild members.


Related to siege/node wars

For skills reacted to siege/node war, there are Aegis (siege weapon damage resistance), Call of the lord (Increase guild morale), Command to gather (Gather guild members) and Indomitable flag (outpost).

After you reach level 5 on Furious roar and Battle roar, you can learn Call of the lord,

And if you reach level 5 on Flame of life and Flame of protection, you can learn Command to gather.


Command to gather has a very long cool time (22hours),

It is a powerful skill where you can gather all the guild members at the same time who is in the same server with the guild master except some special cases who are in desert area.

Indomitable flag is a skill where you set up an outpost on battlefield so you can set the resurrection point of the guild member for a period time. It has great strategic value in the battlefield.


Command to gather and indomitable flag is very useful for a guild who is carrying out a siege war or node war, so it is useful to learn if you can use some guild scores.


Guild war

It is a function that allows PvP anywhere else irrelevant to the level for the guild member, declaring a war on another guild.


Declaration of war

It is possible to declare war without the opposing guild’s consent,

And can declare war upon 6 guilds the maximum.


If the master or commander who started the war presses ‘stop’ button, they can stop the war right away.


But calling off guild war can be done 1 hour after declaration of war.

Declaring and ending guild war, and checking war status can be done through guild window.

※ During guild war, if above set karma, it does not get affected by all death penalty.


Guild protection capacity

Guild protection capacity allows a guild member who does not want to have war to be protected from the war but if the enemy activates forced attack (ALT+C), the guild member can be attacked.

The basic number of guild protection capacity is up to 10 people maximum, and differs depending on the size of the guild. If you think that you can’t protect all the guild members with the basic number of guild protection capacity, you can use guild scores to increase the maximum number of guild protection capacity.

You can increase up to 10% of the current maximum capacity, and you need 3 points for increasing 1 person. Only the guild master can set the protection for the guild members, and the guild master and commander can’t be protected through this function.


Guild item

You can buy guild items from each town’s guild manager,

And most of them can be only used if it’s related to conquest/node wars.





Can be only used in conquest/node wars.

Since supreme potions are not sold, efficiency is not that great.

Practice cannonball

Practice cannonballs are used for practice, and can be used even if it’s not during conquest/node wars, but it can’t harm the enemy.


It is an item that can stun or burn the enemy and it can be installed around the fort, and 3 traps can be installed per person.

Elephant trap

It is an item that can harm the siege weapons, and if the enemy’s siege weapon (elephant) steps on a trap, the character that was on the enemy’s elephant falls down.

Like normal traps, you can set 3 elephant traps per person.

Fort & command post

It is built to join conquest/node wars. During conquest war, in the area where there are castle, (Calpheon, Mediah, Valencia) only command posts can be built, and square forts can be built in areas where there are no castles. In conquest square, strong square, sturdy square forts are used, and in node wars node castles are used.

Siege defense tower

Works as a protection to fort, around the fort. Can be only used in conquest.

Desert peanut

Used when capturing elephants.

Guild insignia certificate

Uses when registering or changing guild insignia.

Crafting materials

Used when making a guild.

Siege annex

Flame tower, Hwacha, supply depot are items that can be strategically used in conquest/node war


Delegating guild master

In a guild, the rights are focused on the guild master, so if the master does not log in for a long time the guild’s functions might not work well and the member might experience some discomfort. At this time, the delegate guild master function can be used to change the guild master.

There are two types in delegating guild master, and the amount of guild funds that will be consumed and the necessary condition differs.

First, if the guild master does not log in for 15 days, the commander can use 20 million guild funds to delegate the rights of the master.


The guild master can delegate the master role to the commander voluntarily.

But in this case, there are more conditions to be met than not having to log in for a while.

• Delegation is not allowed if you have territory, node, or guild house.

• If there are items in the guild storage and guild stable, delegation is not allowed.

• If there are guild items in the master’s inventory, delegation is not allowed.

• When delegation happens, 50% of the guild’s fund will be deducted.

If elephant in the stable is wearing an equipment or the guild master has a guild item, delegation is now allowed so you must look into see if the conditions are met.


Disband guild

If the guild can’t be kept, the final method is to disband the guild.

In the first page of guild window (G), press ‘disband’ button.



Conditions for disbanding a guild

1. There must be no guild members excluding the guild master

2. There should be no items in the guild storage

3. There should be no conquest/node war fort built


Guild rank

You can check the guild rank by pressing ESC and checking the guild rank menu.

Basically, the list is displayed in the order of guild with highest point coming first, and if the guild score is the same, the rank is decided based on experience point.


Number of guild members, if the guestbook and the guild introduction has been updated, and the life skill level of the guild member can be used to look at the guild rank so if you check the guild rank you can see which guild focuses on what to enjoy Black Desert.


In guild rank, if you put your mouse over guild name, you can check the simple guild introduction, and if you click the guild name, you move to the relevant guild page and read the detailed guild introduction and guest book.


These various standards will help each adventurer on selecting the guild based on their play style.

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