Adventurer's Guide

General Information

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General Info

▲ press 'P' in the game or click ‘My info(P)’ at the bottom right menu to open my info window!



• Family Name

Your family name is a unique name chosen for all of your characters, on a specific server. It is displayed above every character you create, and once set, it can only be changed via the pearl shop.


Please note that the family name is chosen before character creation after a server is selected.



• Constellation

This displays the constellation to which the character belongs. NPCs of the same constellation feel fond of the characters and feel more familiar. There are effects such as acquiring more amity at the time of story exchange or getting familiarity from the first meeting.

The constellation of the NPC can be found in the story exchange window or in the knowledge window (shortcut key H).

Constellations must be set when a character is created, and the constellation set at the time of creation cannot be changed again.



• Energy

This is the point that can be usefully spent when the character interacts with the NPC or performs certain actions in the game.

It is mainly used when the characters become familiar with the NPCs or learn specific knowledge. The maximum number of energy points that have been increased is shared by all characters in the family.


However, the energy point that you currently hold may be different for each character in your family.


The energy point is restored by 1 in 3 minutes for a connected character and restored by 1 in 1 hour for a character not connected.

Therefore, if you need to consume a lot of energy, it may be helpful to create multiple characters.


Also, you can recover energy more quickly if you deliver repeated quests from some NPCs in a town or lie on a bed you installed in your residence.


The maximum points of energy start from 10 and get increased each time you complete a knowledge topic.

The easiest way to increase the maximum points of energy is to talk to all the merchants in one town.



• Contribution point

This is a number that indicates the extent to which you have contributed to all manor places, which can be used in any manor. This point is used to Invest in the exploration base to link trade routes or invest in production bases to send workers. Also, it is used to purchase a house in town or borrow certain items or rights from an NPC. You can take back the contribution point you spent on your investment and rental at any time.


The easy way to raise your contribution point is to do a quest that gives the contribution experience.

Resolve the troubles of NPCs and enjoy various benefits. If you discover a new area or sell trading goods, your contribution points will increase.



• Level

Levels serve to measure your progression and give an indication to your strength. As you level, you will receive skill points, carry weight, and vitality, along with resistances.

The level difference between a monster and player can be identified by the color of the monster’s name. While killing low-level monsters will have diminished rewards, higher level monsters will yield greater experience.



• Health

You will gain health points matching to your health level, increasing the amount of damage you can take.


Over time, any lost health points will regenerate, but you can restore health quickly with potions and certain abilities.


When your health is reduced to zero your character will be knocked unconscious. Once unconscious, you are allowed to revive on the spot with a special item, or you can opt to return to the nearest node or town.



• Skill assets

In order for a character to use a skill, you need unique skill assets for each character.

Warriors, Giant, Musa, Maehwa, Kunoichi, and Ninja use WP as their skill assets.

The skill assets of Sorcerer, Ranger, Tamer, Witch, and Wizard are MP, and the skill assets of Valkyrie are represented by SP.


Among skill assets, MP and WP are recovered gradually over time, but SP is not recovered over time.


Most skills use up skill assets, but you can also use certain skills to attack or defend your opponent to restore a certain amount of your skill assets.

A powerful skill consumes more resources than any other skill.


On the other hand, if you use a skill by a unique command instead of registering it in a quick slot, you can also reduce the consumption of skill assets.


Depending on the skill assets of each character, you can also restore your skill assets using the MP / WP / SP potions.

Potions can be purchased through General Goods Vendor NPC in each town or can be obtained as rewards from completing certain quests. Also, you can recover as much skill assets as the size of the potion: the small / medium / large / extra-large.

▲ Every character has skills to restore skill assets.


If you find it hard to get the MP / WP / SP potions, or that the weight of potions is burdensome, it is also possible to restore skill assets with Herbal Juice obtained via Simple Alchemy.


To get Herbal Juice, gather Sunrise Herb, Dry Mane Grass, Silk Honey Grass, Fire Flake Flower and process them with Mineral Water using Simple Alchemy (shortcut L)


Herbal Juice weighs lighter than potions and has the advantage of being used by all characters regardless of their types of skill assets.


You may further process Herbal Juice through simple alchemy into Concentrated Herbal Juice, High-Concentrated Herbal Juice, and Refined Herbal Juice, which can recover much more amount of skill assets.

▲ When preparing a skill assets potion, make sure you can use it.


Through skill specialization, add recovery effect of MP / WP / SP to a skill to effectively manage skill assets without depending on the potion or Herbal Juice during combat.


For every 2 levels achieved from the time you reach 50 level, you can choose one skill and two of the effects provided and make them combined.

The effects that you can employ for skill specialization are various including Attack Speed Up, AP Increase, etc. If you employ the effect to recover skill assets to the skill you want to specialize, it will be a great help to supply skill assets during battle.

▲ a character of 50 levels or more can add skill assets recovery effect to the skill you want to specialize.



• Weight

A number that represents the weight of the items you can hold at a time.

As your body gets heavier, your movement speed and attack speed decrease slightly.


Item weight limit cannot exceed maximum 170%.

Therefore, if the item weighs close to 170%, you may not be able to acquire or purchase additional items.


The speed is normal up to 100% of weight, slightly slower at 101 ~ 125%, very slow at 126 ~ 150%, and impossible to move after that.

Notice that you cannot jump after the weight exceeds 126%.


Mounts such as donkeys, horses, carriages etc. can carry more weight than the characters do.

However, silver cannot be loaded on a vehicle, so you can load other heavy items on the vehicle to go back to the light state.

▲ As weight increases, movement slows down, so you need to empty your bag or unload items to reduce weight.



• AP

It is the sum of the attack power of the equipment worn by the character, and it affects the amount of damage when the character attacks with skill.

The attack power figure summarizes the attack strength of the worn equipment, not including any increase due to Magical Crystal or skill specialization.



• DP

It is the sum of the defense power of the equipment worn by the character, which reduces damage from opponent's attack.



• Stamina

Stamina is a number that indicates how long a character can be active without getting tired.

If the stamina increases, the character can sprint (Shift + W) for a longer time, and some stamina skills can be used more often.


If stamina is all used up, there will be disadvantages, for example, the sprint will not be possible and the swimming speed will decrease drastically etc.

The stamina gets filled up quickly again over time.

However, it does not recover naturally if some skills are in use or the character is sprinting or swimming



• Karma

The numeric figure represents the character's Karma. When hunting monsters, the figure goes up, and when you do PK or stealing, the figure goes down.


Karma figures decrease when you try to steal (F2) from behind the NPC and when you kill a wild horse.

If the character is level 50 or more and has activated the PvP mode and attack or kill another adventurer, the Karma value will decrease drastically.


If the Karma value is less than 0, the character's name is displayed in red, and the character can be attacked by the town guards.

If the Karma value of the character over level 50 or more is lowered to less than 0, the character may be attacked by other adventurers.


If you die in a state where the Karma value is lowered, there may be major disadvantages such as the decrease in enhancement value of the equipment worn by the character and dropping the items you possessed on the floor.




The value represents the potential inherent to the character.

You can increase potential through various ways such as wearing equipment items that bear the effect of increasing potential or using up a cooked dish or elixir etc


You can increase potential up to 5 stages max.

Notice that potential can become minus(-) due to debuff or the equipment items that bear effect of decreasing potential.


The effect of each potential unit is as follows.


• Attack Speed: A higher level increases attack speed. Attack speed potential affects Warriors, Rangers, Giants, Tamer, Musa, Maewha, Kunoichi, and Ninja characters when they execute skills.

• Casting Speed: A higher level increases the casting speed of the skill. Casting Speed potential affects Sorcerer, Valkyrie, Witch, and Wizard when they execute skills.

• Movement Speed: A higher level increases Movement Speed, which makes you move around fast.

• Critical Hit: A higher level increases the chance of Critical Hit

• Fishing Speed: A higher level shortens the time taken up until fish’s biting.

• gathering Speed: A higher level shortens the time taken for all gathering activities.

• Luck: A higher level increases the chance of obtaining items.




Physical training increases some of the character’s basic ability.


• Breath: if the breath level rises, the character’s stamina increases permanently. If a character does not ride on vehicles but walk or run, it can gain breath experience.


• Strength: if the strength level rises, the weight limit on character’s possession increases permanently. When a character possesses trade goods, it wears a backpack. With the backpack on, if the character moves, it can get the strength experience in proportion to the distance traveled.


• Health: if the health level rises, the HP, WP, MP, SP of the character increase permanently. It is possible to acquire a certain amount of health experience by using cooking items.





As resistance value rises, it’s more likely that you don’t get enchanted by the opponent’s debuffs.

The basic resistance value for each character is 20% for each section, it can be increased through using up supplies, or by certain types of equipment items or using the skill that increases resistance value.


Also, you can increase resistance value through the unique effect born by the equipment item or the magical crystal etc.

It is possible to increase resistance temporarily by using up supplies such as a cooked dish or elixir etc, or executing a unique skill of a character.


Even if you increased resistance value to be 60% or more, at the time of PVP, resistance value available is up to 60%.

Other than that, if the opponent adventurer has the effect of ‘Ignore All Resistance’, the resistance values actually applied may be lower than it is shown.


• Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance: The higher the number, the greater the chance to the opponent’s Stun / Stiffness / Freezing debuff effects.

• Knockdown/Bound Resistance: The higher the number, the greater the chance to the opponent’s Knockdown/Bound debuff effects.

• Grapple Resistance: The higher the number, the greater the chance to the opponent’s Grapple debuff effects.

• Knockback/Floating Resistance: The higher the number, the greater the chance to the opponent’s Knockback/Floating debuff effects.




Life living activities

Each time you perform a production activity, you can earn experience points and raise your level of living.

As the level of living rises, there is an effect such as obtaining additional rewards or increasing efficiency when you carry out production activities in each field.

In addition, every time a level of living reaches a certain level, you will be able to wear different living activity clothes for each step sold by a luxury goods merchant in a town and use better performance tools.


• Gathering

As the gathering level rises, more objects can be acquired through gathering. In addition, you can use better gathering tools to reduce the time spent on gathering activities, or you can increase your gathering potential and life EXP boost by wearing Gathering Outfit Set. Other than that, when the gathering level reaches a certain level, the probability of gathering without consuming energy increases.


• Processing

As processing levels rise, there will an effect that the number of output from processing ingredients increases.

In addition, when the level of processing reaches a certain level, you can also increase processing EXP boost by wearing Processing Outfit Set sold by luxury goods merchant.


• Cooking

The higher the cooking level, the greater the chance that the number of cooked output will increase. Also, you will be able to create certain dishes for which limited production is allowed together with increasing the chances of getting a top-rated dish of much better effect.

In addition, when the level of cooking reaches a certain level, you can also increase cooking EXP boost by wearing Cooking Outfit Set sold by luxury goods merchant


• Taming

You gain taming EXP only if you catch a wild horse and register it in a stable, or if the level of a ride rises. When the taming level is increased, it will be easier to increase Mount Skill EXP and the chance to catch a wild horse increases.

In addition, when the level of taming reaches a certain level, you can also increase taming EXP boost by wearing Taming Outfit Set sold by luxury goods merchant


• Alchemy

As the Alchemy level rises, the probability of increasing the number of output you get through Alchemy increases.

Also, you will be able to create certain items for which limited production is allowed together with increasing the chances of getting a top-rated item of much better effect.

After you reach a certain level, you will be able to create Alchemy stones that increase a variety of abilities for combat and living activities.

In addition, when the level of Alchemy reaches a certain level, you can also increase Alchemy EXP boost by wearing Alchemy Outfit Set sold by luxury goods merchant


• Fishing

When the fishing level goes up, there is an effect that the mini game (of inputting command within a certain time) that appears after the biting of a fish becomes much easier and there is another effect that you can catch fish without consuming the durability of the fishing rod with a certain probability. When you reach fishing professional Lv. 5, you can catch special fish using a harpoon.

You may find a herd of gulls more frequently which indicates that you can get yellow grade fish for 100% chance.

In addition, when the level of Fishing reaches a certain level, you can also increase Fishing EXP boost by wearing Fishing Outfit Set sold by luxury goods merchant


• Hunting

As the hunting level rises, more powerful hunting musket of high grade can be used to shorten the time required for hunting.

In addition, when the level of hunting reaches a certain level, you can also increase hunting EXP boost by wearing Hunting Outfit Set sold by luxury goods merchant



• Trading

As your trading level rises, you will be able to purchase more trade goods.

Trade goods that require a high level in trading, generally have expensive cost and thus can make more profit.

Once you reach Trade Lv. Master 2, you may be able to maximize trading profits through a specific NPC.

In addition, when the level of trading reaches a certain level, you can also increase trading EXP boost by wearing Trading Outfit Set sold by luxury goods merchant


• Farming

The higher the farming level, the greater the chance of harvesting crops without consuming energy.

In addition, when the level of farming reaches a certain level, you can also increase farming EXP boost by wearing Farming Outfit Set sold by luxury goods merchant


• Sailing

As the sailing level rises, you will be able to use a greater variety of skills when controlling ships such as the Epheria sailboat and the galley, the guild ride.

The sailing experience can only be obtained by moving the ship in the ocean area.




Field ranking

You can compare the ranking for each field such as various living level, the amount of possessed goods, level and the like. You can see the family name, character name, and the joined guild of the adventurers who rank in the first to the 30th place for each field

If you are not in the 30th place, you can check where you are located in the A to E range.


Field ranking will only count information of adventurers in the same channel and in the case of goods ranking, you cannot see the exact amount of the goods possessed by the adventurer.




My journal

The journal system automatically records the various actions played from the time the adventurer's character was created.

The base unit to record is a day, and you can check the detailed recording time by hovering the cursor.

When you check out important game play that you have not been able to record before, or when you look back on your adventure, the journal will be your precious record.

▲ You can view various records such as growth, enhancement, NPC you met, and quests etc. in a single glance.




Challenge mission

Challenge mission is an achievement system consisting of rewards that enable the users to enjoy the game more and smoothly.

Each mission can be easily achieved and all missions are made public at the time of character creation.


The completed challenge mission during game play accompanies a notification in the bottom right, which enables the users to get rewards easily.

To view the challenge mission, press 'P' in the game or click ‘My info(P)’ at the bottom right menu to open my info window in which you can click 'challenge mission' at the top left.


▲ The rewards for challenge mission are fairly useful.


▲ Click the notification icon at the bottom right to go to the window where you can get rewards.




Title information

Title is like a collection you can earn from paying various games within the Black Desert.

To earn title, the adventurers are supposed to figure out all the earning conditions in which there are unique conditions.


Title is displayed on the top of Character name and each title has no special effect, but there will be an effect when you achieve a certain level in the total progress.



▲ The title you earned can be displayed on the top of character’s name by clicking ‘Apply’.



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