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Advanced Fishing Guide

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*The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

Advanced Fishing Guide



What is Fishing?

It is same as fishing in the real world. You literally go fishing.

It is one of the Life Contents in Black Desert, and you can enjoy it without a whole lot of preparation.

You just need a fishing rod and a place to fish.


This content quite popular because you can earn a substantial amount of silver coins if you just a have little information on ‘Auto-Fishing’ feature and ‘Point’.


There are three kinds of fishing methods; Auto Fishing, Manual Fishing, and Harpoon Fishing.


Auto Fishing is done when you don’t take any action after the fish bites.

Fish will be automatically collected after 180 seconds, and you can go on fishing again.

Manual Fishing is when you catch fish manually, one by one.


Since Auto fishing is so easy, some people call fishing and processing ‘the electricity bill villain’.

But fishing will allow you to earn a lot of silver coins once you get to learn it well.

Why don’t you get away from daily troubles for a while and enjoy the quiet fishing life with this guide?



Fishing rod/float

To state the obvious, you need fishing rods in order to go fishing.

In Black Desert there are various fishing rods and fishing floats.

You can fish without the floats, but you can fish better if you add them on.

The name and effect of each fishing rod and float are as follows.

Item Name


Old Fishing Rod


Steel Fishing Rod

Fishing Level +2

Triple-Float Fishing Rod

Can get multiple fish at once via random chance.

Balenos Fishing Rod

Reduces time of Auto Fishing.

Epheria Fishing Rod

Has more durability than other Fishing rods.

Calpheon Fishing Rod

Raises the chance for catching big fish.

Mediah Fishing Rod

Raises the chance for catching rare fish.

Ash Tree Float

Raises the chance for catching big fish.

Maple Float

Raises the chance for catching rare fish.


Triple-Float Fishing Rod has three floats attached to it.

It allows you to catch a lot of fish by fishing once, so it reduces a lot of time.

If you are lucky you can catch up to 3~4 fish at once.

But you can get this fishing rod as a reward of ‘Fish for Villagers’ quest,

And you can get this quest once in three days so this fishing rod is pretty difficult to get.


The quest is given by fisher Abelin from the Velia Wharf, and this quest will be activated while you are doing fishing quests in Velia.

  • Starting Quest : [Abeline, the Fishing Boy]Start with NPC Igor Bartali


The Balenos Fishing Rod reduces the ‘Auto-Fishing’ time, allowing you to automatically catch the fish if you don’t do anything for 180 seconds.


For example, ‘+7 Balenos Fishing Rod’ reduces Auto-Fishing time by 18%,

So it will let you catch a fish in about 147.6 seconds after it has taken the bait.

Auto-Fishing can be done anywhere near water, so it is a quite popular diving content,

So naturally the Balenos Fishing Rod is popular as well.


Mediah Fishing Rod increases your chances of catching rare fish.

Rare fish such as Coelacanth, Porgy, Sea Bass have higher value so they are more popular.


The Maple Float has similar effect.

It is a fishing rod and float that auto fishers use in order to fill their inventory quickly with expensive fish and head to the Imperial Fishing Delivery Manager.


The Calpheon Fishing Rod will increase your chances for catching Big Fish.

Big Fish such as marlin or swordfish can be easily caught on far oceans such as Eltro Sea or Zenato Sea.


Ash Tree Float has a similar effect.

There is a higher possibility of catching expensive fish from further out in the ocean, so if you are thinking about deep-sea fishing, get equipped with a Calpheon Fishing Rod.


The Balenos/Calpheon/Epheria/Mediah Fishing Rods and Ash Tree/Maple/Cedar Floats can be enhanced with Black Stones, and the effects will be enhanced when you succeed.

Also, for Balenos fishing rod and Epheria fishing rod, the durability will go up when you enhance it with Black Stone, and you can fish for a long time after you repair it for one time.


But be careful since enhancement level can go down after failing enhancement after +7.


If you want to avoid the risk of enhancement failure, use a lot of Black Stone and try Force-enhancement.

On the other hand, Triple-Float fishing rod is very efficient since you can catch a lot of fish at once.

But it is a one-time-use fishing rod that can’t be repaired or enhanced.

You can check additional information on rare fish and big fish in the in-game knowledge window (H key) ‘Life Skill’ → ‘Fishing’ category.


▲ Picking a fishing rod that suits you best is a part of the fun.



You can see people talking about ‘fishing points’ in world chat.

These points refer to the areas where there are a lot of fish, just like in real life.

The ‘fishing points’ in Black Desert does not just refer to points where there’s a lot of fish, but the points where there are a lot of ‘expensive fish.’

These are random places in the ocean, so it is difficult to find these spots just by looking.


But you can guess famous points since there are a lot of users and fishing boats near these spots. In order to find them out yourself, you will have to actually try fishing and look at the percentage of the fish for each level.

Looking for your own point to fish might bring you satisfaction.

This might be a difficult and annoying, so if you want to earn money through fishing, fun to the front of a costal cave. It’s the most well-known and easily found fishing point.


▲ Lots of adventurers fishing = fishing point.





Origin? Node?

You can sell your fish to the trade manager or Imperial Fishing Delivery manager.

Since you have to do trade activity, the origin of the product must be connected to the node that you want to sell it at.

If you sell the fish without this connection you will only receive 30% of the original price, so you will have to prepare the Contribution points in order to connect these nodes.


You can check the origin of the fish by putting the mouse cursor over the fish item.

The origin is divided by the water territory, but it actually displays the island that represents the sea area so the place you actually caught the fish and the display can be different.

When you want to sell the fish, the origin should be set as the island that’s displayed on the fish.

▲ You can check the origin from the fish tooltip.


If the origin, selling point and nodes are not connected, you’ll be only paid 30% of the price like shown above. If it is connected, you can sell it at 100% (250% for Imperial Fishing).


Fishing Level?

You can reduce the time it takes for the fish to bite by increasing the Fishing Level.


By reducing this time, you can get more fish during the same amount of time so if you’ve decided to go fishing, it is a good idea to get your character up to Fishing Level 5.


You can raise your Fishing Level through food, potion, clothes, and guild skills.

The simplest way to increase fishing level is by using guild skill.

Of course, the guild skill can be applied only when you are in a guild, so if you’re a fisher without a guild, don’t forget to ask what level ‘Art of Fishing’ the guild has reached before you join.


Next, you can increase the Fishing by wearing ‘Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes’

When you Enhance it to +2, 2 Fishing Level will increase, so by getting 3 from guild skill, and getting 2 from the cloth, you can get to Fishing Level 5.

You can increase the remaining Fishing Level with food or potion.

The Balenos Meal will boost your Fishing Level by 2 for 90 minutes, so it is very useful.



▲ The magnificence of a +5 Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes


*The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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