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Altar of Training

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Long ago, the Altar of Training was where the descendants of Sylvia went to, as a rite of passage into adulthood.

Adventurers can create a party to face the five trials and their final bosses to get valuable rewards that can only be obtained here.

How to participate in Altar of Training

There are currently 3 ways to participate in the Altar of Training.

The first is through the main questline in Kamasylvia.

Once you reach level 58 or higher, you can start the main questline and complete ‘Ancient Mirumok Ruins’.

Then you can accept the quest ‘[Co-op] Proof of Courage’ from Milford.

You’ll need to spend 10 energy after accepting the quest by talking to Milford.

He will give you ‘Valtarra: Introductory Training Manual’.

Main quests can only be completed once per character. So it cannot be repeated.

The second is by completing the repeatable quest ‘[Training Quest] Valtarra - Ruins Sacrament’.

If you’re level 58 or higher and have completed the last quest [Token of Lemoria Guards] in the Kamasylvia main questline,

then you can accept a quest from Milford every 3 days.

You’ll need to spend 100 energy after accepting the quest by talking to Milford.

He will give you ‘Valtarra: Training Manual’.

The last is by completing the weekly quest ‘[Training Quest] Valtarra - To a Higher Place’.

You can accept this quest if you have completed the previously mentioned

‘[Training Quest] Valtarra - Ruins Sacrament’ and is level 58 or higher.

You’ll receive the item ‘Valtarra: Advanced Training Manual’ when you accept the quest from Milford.

You can see the location of the altar by right-clicking on the training manual you get from the quests mentioned above.

Right-click on the item at the Altar of Training to begin.

You must be in a party that has at least 2 members to use the training manual.




Introductory Training Manual

Level 58 or higher,

Complete the quest

‘Ancient Mirumok Ruins’

Combat EXP, Contribution Point EXP,

Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone(Armor)



Level 58 or higher,

Complete the quest

‘Token of Lemoria Guards’

Combat EXP, Black Stone (Weapon),

Black Stone(Armor),

Hunter’s Seal, Forest Fury


Training Manual

Level 58 or higher,

Complete the quest

‘[Training Quest] Valtarra - Ruins Sacrament’

Valtarra Eclipsed Belt

Courser Awakening Material Box,

Black Stone(Armor), Black Stone (Weapon),

Hunter’s Seal, Forest Fury, Gold Bar, Valtarra's Scattered Aura

▲ The locations of Altar of Training and the NPC Milford.

▲ Time Attack begins a few moments after you use the Altar of Training item.

You’ll need to go to ‘Valtarra - Altar of Training’, located south of Manshaum Forest and west of Valtarra Mountains.

If you use the item in a party, a message will appear and the first training course will begin.

Your goal is to protect the sacrament that appears in the middle from the monsters that tries to destroy it.

When the sacrament is destroyed, then you’ve failed your training.

If you want to try again, go talk to Milford and use energy to get another ‘Training Manual’.

However, ‘Valtarra: Advanced Training Manual’ can only be used once per week. It can only be obtained by completing a repeatable quest.

So if you fail this training, you cannot try it again immediately.

▲ If you fail, you must start again from the beginning.

Altar of Training has 5 levels that continues non-stop.

Once you defeat the swarm of monsters,

you’ll see a message that announces the start of Training II and a marker at the top of the hill.

The marker indicates where the sacrament will be summoned and soon monsters will come to destroy it.

Training II starting does not mean that Training I ended. If you leave Training I without defeating all the monster,

then the remaining monsters from Training I will destroy the sacrament.


If you take too long defeating the monsters from Training I, then the monsters from Training II will destroy the other sacrament.

So, it’s important to be able to complete Training I in time for you to get to Training II.

Party members are required to have a certain amount of AP or more. The more members you have, the easier it will be to complete the training.

The first level is called ‘Forest’s Pact’. Monsters like Treants, Mirumok, and other monsters that look like trees come in swarms

Dim Tree Spirit will come out last to attack Adventurers.

The second level is called the ‘Flying Maverick’. Monsters like Gargoyles, Harpies, and other winged monsters attack from the sky.

King Griffon will top it off at the end.

The third training is called ‘Earth’s Trial’. Monsters like golem will appear and the last boss is Moghulis.

You must finish Training III to complete Introductory Altar of Training.

However, you must finish all 4~5 levels to complete Altar of Training and Advanced Altar of Training.

The fourth level is called ‘Verge of Death’.

Skeletons and Cultists attack in this training. Hexe Marie comes out as the boss.

The last level is called ‘Guardians of the Ruins’.

Hystria, Aakman, Hasrah, and other ancient weapons that appear in the Ancient Ruin will come charging.

Ancient Puturum is the last boss that enters in the grand finale.

Get your EXP and other rewards from Milford once you’ve successfully defended your sacrement for 5 levels.

▲ You won’t have time to stop and think between levels! Move on to the next marked location.

▲ It’s very important to cooperate with your party members.

▲ The boss will appear if you’ve successfully defend your sacrement thus far.

▲ The truly intimidating final boss - ‘Ancient Puturum'

Altar of Training Rewards

Altar of Training is much harder than regular combat and the boss summon scrolls.

This is especially true if you’re using the ‘Valtarra: Advanced Training Manual’. Even if you have 5 veteran Adventurers,

it could be difficult to survive till the end.

However, this is all for a special reward that cannot be gotten any other way.

The Altar of Training may be difficult, but the rewards offered are that good.

The rewards for completing the Introductory Altar of Training are:

Combat and Contribution Point EXP, Black Stones (Weapon) x5, Black Stones (Armor) x5

The rewards for the Altar of Training that’s available every 3 days are:

Combat EXP and the Valtarra Training Reward Bundle’. You can get

Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Hunter’s Seal, Forest Fury from the bundle.

Advanced Altar of Training that’s available once a week do not have quest rewards.

Instead, you can loot the bosses that you defeat and collect special seals from them.

These seals can be combined to create tokens.

You can right-click each of the tokens to get quests.

These quests are completed by talking to Milford.

You’ll receive a matching bundle for completing them.

Opening the bundles will get you Valtarra's Scattered Aura. Also, there’s a chance to get a Courser Awakening Material Box.

If you’ve collected 20 Valtarra's Scattered Aura, exchange them for a Valtarra Eclipsed Belt through Milford.

You can also get the ‘Valtarra Eclipsed Belt from the bundles as well.

STEP 1. Collect Seals

Defeat the boss from Training 1: [Forest’s Pact] → Valtarra: Forest Seal

Defeat the boss from Training 2: [Flying Maverick] → Valtarra: Sky Seal

Defeat the boss from Training 3: [Earth's Trial] → Valtarra: Earth Seal

Defeat the boss from Training 4: [Verge of Death] → Valtarra: Death Seal

Defeat the boss from Training 5: [Guardian of the Ruins] → Valtarra: Relic Seal


STEP 2. Combine Seals

Forest Seal + Sky Seal = Valtarra: Token of Sky

Forest Seal + Sky Seal + Earth Seal = Valtarra: Token of Earth

Forest Seal + Sky Seal + Earth Seal + Death Seal = Valtarra: Token of Death

Forest Seal + Sky Seal + Earth Seal + Death Seal + Relic Seal = Valtarra: Token of Relic

STEP 3. Use Tokens to get quests

Right-click the token to use it.


STEP 4. Get quest rewards

Go to Milford the NPC and complete the quest to get the reward bundles.

※ The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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