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All equipment in the Black Desert can be used freely regardless of the character's class type. However, wearable status of weapons and sub-weapons are different by each class. It is possible that a level 1 berserker can be equipped with high-end equipment with which high-level sorceress was equipped. It is because most of the items in Black Desert are free to buy and sell, except for some bound items acquired as a reward for a quest or rented for contribution points.

Equipment is very important for survival, stamina, and hunting speed.


In the Black Desert, different types of weapons can be equipped depending on your class.

Main weapons and sub-weapons are the most basic weapons.

However, because some classes may use different skills depending on the sub-weapon, and each weapon has different special effects, you might want to make selection carefully

Equipment Durability

Weapons and armors such as a helmet, an armor, gloves, shoes, and accessories are subject to durability. Here, the accessories include earrings, a necklace, a belt, and a ring.

 Durability decreases as items are used, for example, as armor absorbs damage, the durability decreases. Also, the appearance of items will be affected by the durability loss which leads to showing your character’s underwear.

So long as an item has 1 durability, the beneficial effects will persist while equipped. If the durability is reduced to 0, it will be the same as not having the item equipped.

So, before the durability drops to 0, you can get your items repaired by Blacksmith and Armor Merchant, or you can recover the durability through Anvil at your residence.

When repairing a weapon of a reduced durability, depending on the amount of repair, the maximum durability increases by a small chance.

If repairs are making you annoyed, you can use the equipment that doesn’t have durability.

The equipment that can be rented from an NPC using contribution points is not subject to durability.

For such equipment, the better the status, the more contribution points are required.

The good news is that you can take back your contribution points when you return the item rented.

However, the bad news is that the rented equipment is not available for enhancement and is heavier than general equipment.

Special Equipment

Production costumes made for the convenience of production activities show high efficiency.

In the case of Gatherer’s Uniform, you can collect resources without being attacked by nearby monsters, and if the grade of uniform is high, it can increase the production level.

Some of the equipment is difficult to obtain, but with special effects.

If you obtain various add-on effects from a set effect, or if you meet certain conditions, your ability will increase.

You can summon the Black Spirit to improve the equipment item to get better status.

If you improve it, depending on the type, a modifier will be added to it. Depending on the modifier, the unique effect is differently given to the item.

In case of weapons, if the modifier 'Crimson Flame' is given, a unique effect of increasing critical hits will be given.

If you upgrade the equipment item by using 'reform stone', the name of 'ultimate' will be added in front of the equipment name.

In this case, not only the status of the equipment will be increased but also more effects than other modifiers will be given.

[Learn more about item improvement]

▲ Generally, there are 3 ~ 4 parts such as helmet, armor, gloves, and shoes etc for a set item.

Gathering Tools and Lantern

Gathering has a requirement to use Gathering Tools including Lumbering Axes, Fluid Collector, Hoes, Butcher Knife, Sharp Tanning Knife and Pickaxe etc.

Be equipped with the gathering tool and go near the object to activate the interaction window, if you hold a proper gathering tool, you can start gathering.

In addition, the more you gather, the higher the 'gathering level' increases.

As the 'gathering level' gets higher, you will be able to wear a better gathering tool, reducing the time it takes to gather.

A lantern is a consuming item that reveals a dark field of vision.

Monsters become stronger at night and thus you can get more experience. So night hunting is quite attractive.

Also, because the visible distance decreases as the night deepens, this item is so useful in such situations.

The gathering tool has durability but it cannot be repaired.

It's a good to sell your gathering tools that have been consumed up durability to a shop or delete them to lighten your inventory.

The effect of a lantern disappears when the period of use is over, even if there remains durability. However, you can increase the remaining use time of the lantern by purchasing the lantern oil sold by General Goods Vendor in each city.


▲ It is impossible to repair, so you should take a good look at durability.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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