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Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper Zone)

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Adventurers will find <Ancient Weapons> such as Damaged Pirashes, Damaged Lykins and Damaged Kurebas within the ruins that have lost their powers while defending the place against the threats from Protty Cave and outside invaders.

They are heavily damaged and are no longer able to use their powerful attacks,

but they still pose a substantial threat to Adventurers.


There are scores of them to contend with, so let your guard down for even a moment and you’re likely to face an endless onslaught and a surefire death.


The entrance to Sycraia Underwater Ruins can be difficult to find for first-time visitors. You’ll need to find the location shown in the world map (Hotkey: M) below.


▲ Location of Sycraia Underwater Ruins in the world map.


Go to the location marked in the world map, then you need to dive underwater to find the entrance.

There are four entrances to the Sycraia Underwater Ruins: North, South, East, and West.

If you’re having a hard time finding an entrance, don’t forget to come back up for air before continuing your search.

Also note that if you try to enter the ruins through any other way than these four entrances, you will be blocked by a force field.


You can recover Stamina by pressing “Q” while floating above the water.

Of course, the preferred way of reaching this location would be by ship, as you will be able to simply return to the ship and recover if you start to run low on stamina or breath.


▲ This is what the entrance to the Upper Zone of Sycraia Underwater Ruins looks like from a distance.


▲  What The entrance to the Upper Zone of Sycraia Underwater Ruins looks like from a distance.


▲ The view inside the Upper Zone of Sycraia Underwater Ruins.


Key Points



Recommended Level

Lv. 60 - 61

Your AP + DP is more important than your level.

Distance from town


It’s really far from shore.

User Density


People tend to not come here because it is so far away.



If you got full boss gear,

then you’re good to go!

Hunting Satisfaction


There are tons of monsters clumped together so it feels great.

Unique Drop

Tungrad Ring

Ancient Seal -

Black Shard

There is a chance of dropping

Tungrad Ring

Hunting Ground



Primarily serves as a stepping stone to enter the Abyssal Zone



Monster Types and Levels

1) Basic Information

Monsters are commonly around Lv. 60

All monsters in the Upper Zone of Sycraia Underwater Ruins are melee.


2) Special Features

- There is a huge amount of Damaged Pirash in the Upper Zone.

You need to be careful of the Damaged Pirash as you will pull a large group of them by just hitting one of them.


▲ It may not seem like there is a lot Damaged Pirash here, but a horde of them will come rushing at you if you’re not careful!


- Damaged Lykin and Damaged Kureba sometimes use their powerful attacks to knock Adventurers down.

Adventurers may need to dodge their attacks to stay out of trouble.

- Tons of these monsters are clumped together so you can dish out punishment en masse!

- You will not be able to bring a horse to carry your items so more careful item management may be necessary.



Level/Equipment Requirements

If you are fully decked out in boss gear and have decent accessories, you should have no problem demolishing the monsters here.

However, there are a few inconveniences that exist as it is located offshore. That is a major reason why Adventurers tend not to crowd here too much.

That also means that you can have a great time plowing through monsters here as it is unlikely for you to bump into many other people here.







Lv. 60 +




Lv. 61 +






1) Precautions

- Always be careful of Damaged Pirash. Hitting one of them will immediately aggro any others nearby.

- Damaged Lykin and Damaged Kureba sometimes use powerful attacks.

They telegraph their these attacks, so it’s best to recognize this early and react to it before it destroys you.


▲ Damaged Lykin (Left), Damaged Kureba (Right)


2) Key Locations and Hunting Routes

This hunting ground is fairly wide, so try coming up with your own efficient route.

Also, you cannot see where you are in the world map so you will need to use the objects in the surrounding area to navigate. Just keep at it till you memorize an easy route to follow.


Be sure to be well prepared before heading out here as you will be very far from shore.



Major Item Drops

Tungrad Ring ★

Ancient Seal - Black Shard ★

Ancient Creature's Scale ★

Sycrid's Song

Caphras Stone

Ancient Spirit Dust

Fragment of the Deep Sea

Abyssal Essence

Black Stone (Weapon)

Black Stone (Armor)

Destroyed Ancient Weapon Power Stone



[Trend] User Density

This hunting ground is a treasure trove of items like Abyssal Essence (used to make Frenzy Draught), Tungrad Ring, the combinable material Ancient Seal - Black Shard (used to make the Tungrad Ring), Ancient Creature's Scale (used to release “Sycrid” from its seal), and more.

However, the monsters that drop this valuable loot are formidable. You will not only need high AP, but high DP as well to withstand their beating.


Black Desert will begin in a moment.

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Install Guide

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2 Start the game once installation is complete.