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Knowledge is divided into big, medium and small categories.

Individual knowledge is included in the small category, and if you finish this category, it will increase your maximum energy.


In Character (big category) > People of Eastern Balenos (medium category) > Velia Villagers (small category), if you collect all the knowledge of Velia Villagers, your energy will increase at the maximum of 2.





Knowledge Grade

There are grades in knowledge and it can be earned randomly.

The effect of the knowledge is different regarding what kind of knowledge it is, and the higher grade, the better the effect will be.

Monster knowledge is helpful for hunting and character knowledge is helpful when you have a conversations with NPCs.

Merchandise knowledge will have discount effect on trade goods.


If you want to get another knowledge grade, you will need to delete the current knowledge and earn it again, and you can delete knowledge through NPC Annolisa Rosie at the Holy College of Calpheon.

▲ If you go to Annolisa Rosie at the Holy College of Calpheon, you can delete the acquired knowledge or use the completed small category to make a bookshelf with that knowledge.


▲You can delete knowledge by selecting a knowledge you own from knowledge management window. Deleting a knowledge takes 10 energy.



Knowledge Category

Knowledge is divided into 9 big categories, and each category has medium and small categories.

Depending on the theme, the maximum energy that can be obtained when completing it differs.


If you complete a small category within a big category of ‘Ecology’ by collecting every knowledge within that category, you can go to Annolisa Rosie at Holy College of Calpheon and use some of the knowledge to make a bookshelf with that knowledge.


When you make a bookshelf, the knowledge within that category gets deleted randomly, but you can get the knowledge again by defeating that monster again.

The created bookshelf can be used 10 times with a cool time of 1 hour.


These bookshelves can be sold through the Marketplace.

The characteristics of each Knowledge category are as follows.


Character : This knowledge is categorized by region and class.

You can get some knowledge by simply talking to the NPC, but some NPCs require advance knowledge.

If you don’t have the advance knowledge, it will show up in the conversation as yellow letters.

There are some NPCs that allows you to acquire knowledge by fulfilling more difficult conditions.


Topography : This knowledge is categorized by each territory.

You will automatically get Topography knowledge when you explore the region, but some of them can be obtained only when you talk with the NPC.

These knowledge are not easy to get because they require certain amount of Amity.


Ecology : This is the monster knowledge of each territory.

You can get the monster knowledge by a certain chance when you hunt them.

You can raise this chance by having a pet with Knowledge Gain Chance Up or by wearing Glasses – an wearable Pearl item you can get from the store.


▲ If you have Glasses or a pet with Knowledge Gain Chance Up skill, getting the Ecology knowledge becomes easier.  


Adventure Journal : You can get this knowledge during adventure.

You can get this from talking to the NPC, as quest rewards or by interacting with certain objects.


• Academics : It might look similar to Adventure Journal, but it is knowledge within academics.  


Life Skill :

When you obtain contents from certain action related to life or combat contents, you obtain knowledge as well.

Sometimes you only obtain knowledge without any contents.

For life knowledge doesn’t go up even if you complete the theme.

Combat knowledge can be only earned through conversation.


• Learning the ropes of Black Desert : This is the system guide knowledge you can gain by experiencing basic contents.

Just like Life Skill knowledge, it does not increase your maximum knowledge.


• Trade : You can get this knowledge by right-clicking the trade items.




Getting knowledge

The relevant category opens if you get any knowledge.  

The knowledges you haven’t obtained yet show up as question marks, and if you hover your mouse over it, you can see some simple hints.

You can also get knowledge hints by offering a drink to NPC in each town’s tavern.


Also, knowledge gain chances are the same no matter what your level is. For example, knowledge can be earned even if a high level character hunts a low level monster.



• Conversation with NPC: If you talk to a NPC with an exclamation mark above its head, you’ll get character knowledge. Some NPCs will give you various knowledge if you just click the chat button.

These kind of knowledges use certain amount of energy or require a certain amount of Amity.

Some knowledges are provided by nameless NPCs such as soldiers or villagers.


▲ Start a conversation when you see an exclamation mark!


• Quest Reward : Some quests will give knowledge as reward.

• Exploration : You will get Topography knowledge when you discover new regions.

• Crafting : When you make a new item by cooking, alchemy or processing you will can get life knowledge at 100%.

• Hunting : You can get Ecology knowledge at a certain chance when you hunt monsters.

• Objects : Objects that serve as node managers will give you node manager knowledge when you interact with them. You can also get knowledge from books or special structures.


▲ It is possible to get knowledge from objects that seems like nothing.  


• Life activity : You can gain life skill knowledge at a certain chance when you perform life activity such as gathering, fishing or etc.


• Knowledge Bookshelf : You can get knowledge by buying a bookshelf from the Marketplace and interacting with it after installing it within your residence.


• Knowledge Vendor : You can learn knowledge right away after buying it from the vendor.



Interests refers to the knowledge that the NPC is interested in, and it is the topic that you talk about when you have a conversation with the NPC.


These only show on the NPCs that you can have conversation with, and if you do not have a certain amount of knowledge about the NPC’s interest, you can’t have a conversation.  


The Interests are displayed when you go close enough to a NPC to see a small circle, or within the conversation menu. If it is a NPC that you’ve obtained knowledge already, you can check it in the knowledge window as well.


▲ You can’t start a conversation with NPC if you don’t have enough knowledges about their interests.


▲ You can gain Amity by fulfilling the conversation conditions.


Are you curious about the hints of undiscovered knowledges?

You can get hints about knowledge that you haven’t acquired by visiting a tavern in a town such as Velia or Heidel.


If you talk to a NPC after buying a Dark Beer with 1000 silver coins from the tavern, you can get hints or whereabouts of the undiscovered knowledge.


▲ Buy Dark Beer from the innkeeper or the cook!



▲ When you have a Dark Beer in your inventory, you can talk about certain knowledge with a villager or a Drunk NPC in the inn.  



▲ When you exit the conversation with the NPC, the list of the undiscovered knowledges in that category will show up.

▲ The location that you can get the information on the relevant knowledge will show up if you click the button.



*The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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