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Arena of Arsha

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Arena of Arsha is where Guild Masters can host their own PVP tournament.


A guild master can reserve the arena for a day by opening the Arena of Arsha window in the ESC menu.

The guild master can invite Adventurers to the arena and have them fight in team match or survival mode.


Arena of Arsha is reserved using guild funds.

However, any Adventure with an invitation can enter the arena, regardless of the guild they are in.


The Arena is different from Red Battlefield and other large-scale battles.

Adventurers can form teams with other Adventurers beforehand. While the host can set the rules such as time limit, victory conditions, and other details.


Spectators cannot participate directly but are free to watch.

▲ The special arena made for PVP - ‘Arena of Arsha’



How to Make a Reservation

The operation rights are required to host the Arena of Arsha.

Only guild masters and officers can get operation rights.


The first step is to select a day.

Press ‘ESC’ then click on the ‘Arena of Arsha’ icon. The Arena of Arsha window will come up with an explanation about how to make a reservation and the reservation status.

(Only guild masters can make the reservation)


You can use the arena for the whole day once you successfully reserve it.

The reservation fee is 10 million silver from your guild funds.

You may cancel the reservation at any time but you won’t get a refund.


▲ Go to Menu (‘ESC’) - Arena of Arsha to see the reservation status on the server you are in. You can pick whichever day you want as long as another guild didn’t reserve it yet.


The Arena of Arsha operates separately on each server.

If the date you want isn’t available on the current server, try looking on a different server.


However, the arena isn’t available on servers that hold Conquest War

(Serendia - 1, Calpheon - 1, Mediah - 1, Valencia - 1, Balenos - 1).


You must claim your operation rights on the day you reserved it. Open the guild window (‘G’) and then click on the ‘Host AOA’ button on the main page. It’s impossible to transfer or return your operation rights.


▲ Press ‘G’ to open the guild window and get your operation rights.


You can enter and set-up the arena once you have obtained your operation rights. Enter the arena by going to ‘ESC’ - Arena of Arsha. Here you can invite other Adventurers and set the match rules.



Preparing for the Match

You will see the Arena of Arsha Settings window if you go to ‘ESC’ - Arena of Arsha while you’re inside the arena.

This is where you can invite other Adventurers.


You can promote an invited Adventurer to a suboperator.

Suboperators can invite and remove Adventurers from the arena.

Right-click on the character name then click on ‘Promote’ to give the Adventurer suboperation rights.


If you invite an Adventurer after clicking on ‘Invite Spectator’, then the Adventurer can enter as a spectator and will not go to the waiting list.

If you invite an Adventurer after clicking on ‘Invite Suboperator’, then the Adventurer can enter the arena with suboperator rights.


▲ You can invite Adventurers by entering their name then clicking ‘Invite’ on the left side of the window.






Change Teams

Match Setting




























Invitees will appear on the Waiting List.

You can place Adventurers that will be fighting into teams.


There are 2 ways for Adventurers to change teams.

First, the operator can right-click on their name and click on the option to change teams.

Second, the invitee can select the team they want to go to.

Adventurers can switch back to the waiting list before the match starts.


You can restrict participants and spectators from entering the arena by clicking on the lock in the top left corner of the settings window.

No one can enter the arena once you click on this lock, including Adventurers with invitations.


▲ (Operator’s View) Right-click on the character name to either, remove, promote, or change their teams.


Operators, suboperators, and invitees can enter the arena and move around freely but their skills will be restricted. Adventurers cannot see characters other than their own.

When the match starts, you can only see yourself and other participants in the match.


Adventurers invited as spectators can only spectate the match from the spectator’s bench.


After placing all the Adventurers into their teams, you can now start setting the rules.

You can set the matches as ‘Team Match’ or ‘Team Survival Match’.

Team Match has 2 teams fight each other while in Team Survival Match you can have multiple teams fight each other to be the last ones standing.


● General Rules

- Once you enter the arena, all buffs (food, elixirs, furniture effects, etc.) will be removed and your Black Spirit’s Rage will be set to 0%.

- Buffs that are gained from character skills can be used.

- Both normal potions and battlefield-exclusive potions can be used.

- When the time limit runs out, the winner is decided by the sum of the HP % of all remaining team members.



● Team Match (Round)

- Participants are split into 2 teams.

- The team that wipes out the opposing team wins the round.

 - Characters that die during the round cannot be resurrected until the round ends.

 - The team that reaches the target score first wins.

 - Participants are teleported to the starting point in the arena before the match starts.

 - At the end of each round, all participants are resurrected and teleported to their starting point.

 - Once the match is over, the results are announced and all participants previously killed are resurrected.



● Team Survival Match (Free For All)

- Several teams fight at the same time.

- Teams that survive the match wins.

- As long as a single member of a team survives, the team is counted to have survived.

- There is only one round. You cannot be resurrected until the end of the match if you die.

- The arena operator sets the victory condition (number of surviving teams).

 ※ If the victory condition is set to ‘2 teams left standing’, then the match continues until there are only two teams left.



Starting the Match

Once you assign teams and set the rule, it’s time to start the match.

Just click on ‘Start Match’ and the participants will get a message saying that the match will start after 20 seconds of prep time.


For Team Match, participants will be teleported to their starting positions at the start of the match.

Participants can buy battlefield-exclusive potions and repair their equipment at their starting position through NPCs.


For Team Survival Match, participants will be teleported into the arena where they are free to move around. They won’t have time to buy or repair anything in this mode so participants need to be prepared before the operator starts the match.

▲ Participants will be teleported to either one of these locations at the start of the match.


▲ You can buy potions or repair your equipment through the AOA Guard NPCs.


Participants will have their team indicated above their heads after the 20 second prep time.


HP of participants are shown on the left side of the screen.

The winners are decided by the rules set by the operator.

The next round will automatically start after 20 seconds of prep time.

You can see the current score and the time left in the match in the middle of the screen.


Operators can stop a match that's in progress.

They can resurrect all participants that had died by clicking ‘Resurrect All’.


▲ Each character will have a team name marked above their heads once the match starts. The current score and the time left in the match is visible in the middle of the screen.


▲ Operators can pause the match anytime by clicking ‘Pause’.


They can choose to resurrect all participant at this time by clicking ‘Resurrect All’.


Operators, suboperators, and Adventurers on the waiting list can press ‘F5’ to enter ‘spectator mode’ if a match is underway.

Spectator mode allows you to watch the match in the point of view of the participants.

Press ‘F5’ or ‘F6’ to rotate between different participants. You can press ‘F7’ to exit spectator mode and return to your character.


You can also spectate using the camera view. This view will allow you to move the camera freely in the arena while ignoring obstacles.

You can enter this mode by pressing ‘R’ while your character leans on a wall or sits on a bench.

The character will lean on the wall if you position the wall behind your character then walk back into it. The character will sit on a bench if you press ‘Q’ near a bench.


※ The information on the Game Guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on updates and content changes.

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